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Indonesia: App Helps Muslims Report “Blasphemy”

News reports are telling readers about a new app that helps people in Indonesia report blasphemy to the government. “Blasphemy” means insulting things that are holy.

Indonesia has more Muslims that any other country in the world. So blasphemy in Indonesia means saying something against Islam or Muslim beliefs. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Some Christians are concerned that the app will lead Muslims to report more Christians to the police and get them arrested.

Users can rate the app and tell how much they like it. So far, thankfully, the app is getting low ratings.

Pray that technology and social media will lead more Indonesians to Christ instead of helping them give Christians a hard time.

“Don’t Lose Your Focus”

George Verwer trusted Christ as his Savior at the age of 16. After he shared his testimony at a school assembly and passed out copies of the Book of John, about 200 students came to Christ that year.

Later, George started Operation Mobilization, a Christian missions ministry. He is now 80 years old.

George recently shared a message for American Christians. “Don’t lose your focus,” he said. “Your focus must be the Lord Himself. You need more time in the Word . . . and less time in social media. There is a place for those things but it should be not minor next to our prayer life, next to the Word and sharing our faith. Surveys show there is hardly anybody sharing their faith.”

George also said, “I believe we need more specific prayer. We need to have the names of government officials and pray for them by name. I believe we have indication in the New Testament in the value of praying for people by name and praying for specific situations.

“I plead with people to beware of extremes,” George added. “Keep your feet on the ground and of course, your head before God in prayer, and as much as possible, specific prayer.”

(Source: Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

To Talk About
*Name three suggestions George has for American Christians.
*Visit and find two specific people, countries, or situations to pray for.
*What did George mean by, “Beware of extremes and keep your feet on the ground?”

Tanzania: Andrew’s Temptation

Andrew, a youth in Tanzania, was raised in a Christian family. But he did not really have a strong faith in God. So when a radical Muslim leader told him, “If you come to Islam, you will become super rich,” Andrew foolishly listened to the man.

Andrew began to do more and more evil deeds to please the radical Muslim. He lied to his parents and set their house on fire twice. But when the man told him to attack his parents, Andrew refused, repented, and turned to Christ. Now Muslims in the area want to harm him. (The photo of Andrew above is disguised to hide his identity from enemies.) Pray for Andrew and for other youth in places where they are tempted to join violent groups.

(Source: The January 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. Edited for length and age appropriateness.)

New Torchlighters Site

Have you visited the new Torchlighters website? Click here to find Torchlighters DVDs on demand, ministry ideas, resources, and a Torchlighters blog.

Coming next year: Torchlighters The George Mueller Story.

The Witnesses Trilogy

God with Us, an animated story on DVD, tells the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the last surviving apostle, John. (God with Us was formerly called Jesus: He Lived Among Us.)

The sequel to God with Us, called The Messengers, is based on Acts 1 through 9, and the third DVD, To Every Nation, covers Acts 9 through 28. God with Us is 90 minutes long, and the other two DVDs are 70 minutes long.

The DVDs show how Jesus and His followers changed the world forever in the face of great opposition. (See the trailer above.) The DVDs are available at Find more information in the December 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.