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10 Quotes from Christian Heroes

*Don’t bother to give God instructions; just report for duty. — Corrie ten Boom

*God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. — Augustine

*Do with me as Thou wilt. Do anything that will fit me to serve Thee and help my beloveds. — Amy Carmichael

*He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. — Jim Elliot

*I have a powerful Savior. He will do what is best for me.” — Richard Wurmbrand

*My prison has become a palace! — Perpetua

*Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the souls you can, in every place you can, with all the zeal you can. — John Wesley

*The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music. — Martin Luther

*Believe with all your might all He has said in His holy Word. —William Booth

*In the dust of defeat as well as the laurels of victory, there is a glory to be found if one has done his best. — Eric Liddell

(Source: The Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book and DVD set, available at

To Do
Choose five of the quotes above and say them in your own words. Describe situations in your own life in which each quote could be an encouragement to you.

More Witnessing in Dangerous Places

A pastor and his wife were the leaders of a church in a Muslim country. Many Christians in their country have to worship quietly in homes or other secret locations.

The pastor’s wife made a special commitment to God. She vowed to speak to someone about Jesus every day. Sometimes she forgot her commitment until just before midnight and had to get out of bed and go find someone to talk to!

One day, she and her husband were driving through an area where radical Muslims lived. The Muslims were known to become violent at times. The couple stopped to buy something to drink, and they saw a man watching them. The man had a beard like those worn by radical Muslims.

“I’ll give him a Bible!” the pastor’s wife said to her husband. “No,” her husband answered. “Can’t you see he’s a fanatic Muslim?”

They returned to their car and started to drive away. “On Judgment Day, I will say you wouldn’t let me give the man a Bible,” the pastor’s wife said. So the pastor turned the car around. “Okay, we’ll give him a Bible if he’s still there,” the pastor said, hoping the man had left.

But the man was still standing there, and still watching them. Fearfully, the pastor handed the man a Bible and began telling him about Jesus. And the man began to cry.

“Did I say something wrong?” the pastor asked.

“No,” the man answered. “Six months ago I heard about Jesus on TV. I’ve been looking for a Bible ever since. I believe God was telling me that today I would be given His Book by a man. When you stopped here the first time, I believe God was saying, ‘This is the man who will give you My Book.’ But you left, and I was so sad — I thought it might have been my imagination that God was speaking to me.”

To Talk About
Do you think the pastor and his wife should have given the man a Bible even though it might have been a risky think to do?

Celebrating Christmas

Iraqi child celebrating Christmas

The following post was adapted from the writings of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs. Pastor Wurmbrand died in 2001.

Historians are not sure of the exact date of Jesus’ birth, or of the reason December 25th was chosen to celebrate it. Pastor Wurmbrand suggests a reason persecuted Christians might have chosen December 25th.

(The post has been edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

Pastor Wurmbrand said:

Jesus surely was not born on December 25th. The Bible does not tell us the date.

In the Roman Empire, the 25th of December was a holiday celebrated in honor of the sun. Perhaps the Christians chose that day to celebrate Jesus’ birth. With others also celebrating on that day, the Christians’ celebration would be less noticeable to authorities who persecuted them for following Jesus.

But the Christians did not just celebrate Jesus’ physical birth. They celebrated the daily miracle of Jesus’ birth in the souls of those who had accepted Him as Savior.

Jesus was born in a stable and put in a manger. Jesus does not belong in a manger. The place he longs for is in our hearts. That is where He wants to live.

When He is born in my heart, that is the real Christmas.

Celebrate Christmas in this sense.

(Source: Reaching Toward the Heights by Richard Wurmbrand)

Papel Picado

Paper cutout banners, called papel picado, are used in Mexico as decorations at Christmas and other celebrations.

To make a mini-banner, stack four 6-inch square pieces of colored tissue paper. Fold the stack once lengthwise, then once widthwise.

The folded squares will have two sides with folds in them and two sides without. Cut shapes out of the sides. (See the photo.) Leave one of the sides without a fold uncut. Avoid cutting within one inch of the uncut side.

Unfold and separate the squares carefully. Fold a half-inch strip at the top of each piece. Run a string or thick thread through the folded strip of all four pieces. Tape the strip down, leaving an inch of space between the pieces.

To learn about courageous Christians in Chiapas, a part of Mexico, see Bold Believers in Chiapas, available in the Downloads section.

Remember-the-Persecuted Christmas Wreath

Print small photos of persecuted Christians from this website or from The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. Glue them to thick, colored paper or cardboard, leaving a one-inch border of colored paper around the photos. Punch a hole in the top border. Use yarn or ribbon to attach the photos to a grapevine wreath or other wreath.

(Note: Some photos are available with the “Key Chain Pictures” activity in the Downloads section on this site.)