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How do North Korean Christians Pray?

In North Korea, it is against the law to choose to follow Jesus or to own a Bible.

USBs for North Korea

When Esther fled North Korea, she did not yet know the Lord. Now she does! Her cousin Ann took her to church, and she was taught how to pray. Esther learned about Jesus and put her trust in Him. “I want other North Koreans to hear about Jesus, too,” said Esther.

North Korean Hymn

Patrick and the other prisoners formed a line and looked into the strange faces standing before them. “What will you give me for this boy?” cried the captain as he pointed at Patrick, who stood shaking in fear. “I’ll pay you double for him!” bellowed a burly man with a deep, husky voice. “I need a young man like him to herd my sheep. With that Patrick was taken away by the burly man who was now his master. “I’m a slave!” panicked Patrick silently in his thoughts, and he began to lose hope he would ever see his family again.

Comparing North Korea’s Juche and Christianity

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Video Clip from Inside North Korea

It is very difficult for North Koreans to learn about Jesus. North Koreans are not allowed to own Bibles. Very few people are permitted to have the Internet, so they can’t learn about Jesus from people in other countries. TVs in North Korea show only programs approved by the government.

The video clip shows two men watching a Christian message that was smuggled into the country on a thumb drive. One of the men holds a New Testament from a VOM-sponsored ministry pack.

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