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Kids of Courage VBS Curriculum


The Kids of Courage VBS curriculum introduces students to real Kids of Courage at risk for their faith today in five countries: China, Egypt, Nigeria, North Korea, and India. Students learn how bold believers around the world live, worship, and play.

The lessons teach children how to pray for those who risk everything for their faith, and how to become Kids of Courage themselves. They learn that Kids of Courage: Trust God, Get Prepared, Remember Persecuted Christians, Forgive Others, and Witness Boldly.

Visit to see samples of the materials and to read feedback from churches that have used the curriculum for Vacation Bible School, Sunday school, and mission weeks.

Readers Talk to Us Story

VOMRadio: Packing Action Packs

Action Packs

Action Packs are large plastic bags filled with useful items for persecuted Christians around the world. In the VOM Radio clip below, VOM’s Todd Nettleton answers a listener’s question about Action Packs. The clip also tells how to ask questions on VOM’s toll free comment line.

Listen to a clip from VOMRadio..

For more information about how to participate in the Action Pack program and to see a video clip of an Action Pack distribution in Pakistan, visit the Action Packs page.

You can find more VOM Radio episodes at

Note: Last year, VOM supporters sent 13,087 filled Action Packs to VOM for distribution to persecuted Christians.

Spotlight Story

Simon and Sara: Another Story

A FARC guerrilla

Two previous posts include stories about Simon and Sara, Christians who minister in guerrilla-controlled areas of Colombia.

One night last year, guerrillas on motorcycles kidnapped Simon and Sara from their home in the middle of the night! When Simon and Sarah’s five children woke up in the morning, they were startled to realize that their parents were gone.

In the meantime, the guerrillas had finally stopped their motorcycles at 7 a.m. They ordered Simon and Sara to get off. “I was very scared,” said Simon. “My wife was remembering how her parents died and thinking about our own five children.”

Simon and Sara had been taken to a FARC commander. “The purpose was to punish us for not obeying the rules,” said Simon. “No more sermons.” Simon and Sara prayed while they waited for the commander to talk to them.

But at 8 a.m. the commander decided he would not meet with them. Simon and Sara were set free and left standing in the road while the guerrillas dropped out of sight into the jungle.

Simon and Sara were able to get home by 11 a.m., and their children were happy to see them.

They know that they could be kidnapped again at any time. “I don’t think I am stronger than anybody,” said Simon. “I am not smarter or stupider than anybody.” Simon knows he is an ordinary man being used by God. With the support of his brothers and sisters in Christ, he is eager to continue sharing the truth of the gospel with his neighbors.

Spotlight Story

Simon and Sara Speak Boldly to Guerrillas

Simon takes people to church in a canoe

The previous post told about Simon and Sara, Christians who live with their five children in a “red zone” in Colombia.

When Sara was 8 years old, her parents were killed by FARC guerrillas. She and her four brothers were left orphans. Sara trusted in Christ as her Savior at age 15. Later she married Simon, and they serve God together.

Last year, Sara heard that one of the commanders who was responsible for the death of her parents was on trial for another crime. Sara went to meet the guerrilla. She told him, “I forgive you for killing my mother; for killing my father. You have hurt me a lot, but now I go and talk to the people, preaching.

Simon has also boldly spoken the truth to guerrillas. He had led at least one FARC member to Christ. The guerrilla used to be a body guard for a cruel, violent FARC commander. The former bodyguard now attends a church prayer group, having given his heart and life to Jesus.

(Source: The March 2015 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter)

To Think About
Why did Sara go talk to the guerrilla? Couldn’t she have forgiven him in her heart without speaking to him? Why was it important for him to hear her testimony?

Spotlight Story

A Brave Son

A FARC guerrilla

Red zones: Red zones are areas in Colombia that are ruled by violent groups who want to control everything that happens in their area.

Guerrillas: Guerrillas are people who carry out acts of war, even though they aren’t part of a regular army. One guerrilla group is “FARC” (rhymes with “dark”).

Simon and Sara live with their five children in a red zone in Colombia. They are Christians who moved to the jungle area to try to share the gospel with people there.

It’s not easy preaching in the red zones. FARC has let Simon and Sara know that they are not welcome to have a church there. “They want to kill us,” said Simon.

One day a FARC soldier came to Simon and Sara’s house. He kicked in the door and demanded, “Bring the pastor!”

But Simon was not at home. Simon’s 8-year-old son boldly said to the guerrilla, “Are you here to kill my father? If you are, we won’t be friends anymore.”

The FARC soldier laughed and patted the boy on the head, “Your father will not die today,” he said. He asked the boy to pray for him, then he disappeared back into the jungle.

(Source: The March 2015 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed.)

To Think About
Some guerrillas are tired of violence and breaking the law. Do you think the guerrilla who came to Simon and Sara’s house might be one of them? Pray for Simon and Sara’s family, for the guerrilla who came to their house, and for all the FARC guerrillas to know Jesus and give up their violent ways.

Activities Story

Clock Prayer Activity

Daylight Saving Time (DST) will begin this year on March 8. Not all countries observe DST. (See the map.) Read the information below about time differences between the United States and some countries where Christians are persecuted.

Nigeria: Nigeria does not observe DST. During DST at 6 a.m. U.S. Central Time, it is 12:00 noon in Abuja, Nigeria.

Iraq: Iraq does not observe DST. During DST 6 a.m. U.S. Central Time, it is 2:00 p.m. in Iraq.

Syria: Syria observes DST, but it starts and ends on different days than in the U.S. During most days at 6 a.m. U.S. Central Time, it is 1:00 p.m. in Syria.

North Korea: North Korea does not observe DST. During DST at 6 a.m. U.S. Central Time, it is 8:00 p.m. in North Korea.

Maldives: Maldives does not observe DST. During DST at 6 a.m. U.S. Central Time, it is 4:00 p.m. in Maldives.


  1. Draw six clocks on paper or cardboard. What time is it where you are now? Draw hands on one clock to show the time to the nearest hour.
  2. Using the information above about time differences, figure out what time it is now in Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, and Maldives. Label the clocks to show what countries they represent, and draw hands on the clocks to show what time it is in each country.
  3. What might children in those countries be doing now? Eating a meal? Sleeping? Getting home from school?
  4. Pray for children in the five countries. If you need more information about the countries, enter their names in the search box to locate facts and stories.

Dear Heavenly Father, please watch over children in North Korea who may be going to bed cold and hungry. Please meet their daily needs. Let them learn that Jesus loves them and that he can help people get through hard times. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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