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Pastor Kang


The following story comes from Stef!, the children’s publication of VOM’s sister mission in the Netherlands, SDOK.

Pastor Kang was a teacher at a Bible school in Asia. The local police did not want him spreading the gospel in their area. The pastor went to prison for many years because of his Christian activities.

Pastor Kang is out of prison now, but the police still watch him and follow him. One day, he decided to visit and encourage a group of churches in the countryside. He set out on his journey on foot, and the police followed him at a distance. The officers had no idea that the trip would take them so far away, and they did not take food with them.

They were very hungry.

Pastor Kang arrived at a church where the Christians were having a meal outside the church. The police stood at a distance and watched. Pastor Kang was grateful for the food. Then he remembered the Bible verse that says, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him” [Romans 12:20].

“Come join us!” Pastor Kang called out to the officers. “Enjoy with us the food God has given us!”

The police joined the Christians for a meal.

To Discuss

  • The police would have been happy to put the pastor in prison again. Did Pastor Kang do the right thing when he offered them food?
  • What do you think the Christians and the officers talked about while they ate? What would you have talked about with the police if you had been there?

Spotlight Story

Kids of Courage Trust God


VOM’s Kids of Courage VBS curriculum includes true stories of children from 5 countries: Egypt, China, North Korea, India, and Nigeria.

Kids learn that Kids of Courage: Trust God, Get Prepared (by learning about how Christians in other countries and in the Bible faced difficulties), Forgive Others, Witness Boldly, and Remember Persecuted Christians. They learn that they, too, can be Kids of Courage.

Read below what the curriculum says about trusting God.

If you trust someone, you know what they say is true. How can we find out what God says? We can read the Bible! In the Bible, God says that those who follow his Son Jesus will have trouble sometimes. But he promises to always be with us, in good times and bad. Kids of Courage believe what God says in the Bible and trust him to be there when they need him and when others need him.

Kids of Courage trust God even when they don’t always understand why God allows certain things to happen in their lives or in the lives of others. The Bible says, “Lean not on your own understanding,” which means we can’t always trust our own understanding of situations, though we can trust God.

To Think About: If we are sick, hurt, or having problems, does that mean we can’t trust God to help us? If everything is going right, does that mean we don’t need to trust God because we can handle things ourselves?

(The official VBS website has more information, samples of the curriculum, and feedback from VBS directors.)

Spotlight Story

Fulanis Receive Audio Bibles


Christians in Nigeria are spreading the gospel among Muslims groups — even groups that persecute Christians.

Fulani people in Nigeria are mostly Muslims, but some are coming to Christ. Others have attacked Christians and churches.

The photo in this post shows a Fulani leader and his three wives with MP3 players given to them by VOM contacts. The MP3 players play audio versions of the Bible. The wives requested that they each receive their own player.

Note: Muslim tradition allows men to have as many as four wives. A missionary who served among Muslims for many years said that no Muslim with more than one wife ever told him that they had a peaceful marriage. Instead, “they have stated how difficult it is to create a climate of love and trust within the family.” Source: Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions, by Phil Parshall.

Pray that the Fulani people who listen to the Bible will decide to follow God’s will and trust in Christ.

Spotlight Story

Children Encouraged in Nigeria

Nigerian girl reads an encouraging card

A December post requested that readers send cards of encouragement to the children at the Stephen Center in Nigeria. The Stephen Center is a home and school for children who have lost parents in Muslim attacks.

More than 2,000 readers of this blog and The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter sent Christmas messages of encouragement, which were distributed after the children’s Sunday worship service.

Before they received the cards, their worship leader asked the children to pray for those who are persecuted in other countries. A VOM worker said, “It was remarkable to watch dozens of these young children fall to their knees in prayer and solidarity.”

The children received the cards “with smiles and gratitude,” the worker said. “They carried their cards with them the remainder of the day, and some excitedly read quotes from their cards to one another….These children have been reminded that families are praying for them, and that we are all part of the same family in Christ!”

Source: April 2014 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter

Spotlight Story

Persecuted Country Lesson Plans


Teacher and Parents: Are you looking for VBS ideas or lesson plans for summer Sunday school classes?

Visit for information about VOM’s complete VBS curriculum.

Check the links below for additional printable supplementary materials/lesson plans.

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