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Bible Changes Youth

Youth in Vietnam with their new Bibles

Previous posts on this site told how difficult it can be for VOM contacts to deliver Bibles in some countries (“The Devil Is Not Happy”; “We Trusted in God and His Victory”; and Bibles for Vietnam).

The following letter to VOM is from a Christian in Vietnam who is thankful because his people have received the New Testament in the Hmong language.

His letter said:

“I thank God for using you to give us the best gifts, the Hmong New Testament, the books of salvation. I have distributed them to 128 churches.

“The churches and believers have changed so much since they got the Bibles. Many youths in the churches lived in the ways of the world. They did not want to obey and respect their parents. But now the Bible tells them that wisdom comes from God as it says in Proverbs 3:5–7. They know how to pray to get the wisdom from God.

“Now I know that God is living in them and changing them in surprising ways that honor the name of God. The Holy Spirit has changed them. They know how to lead a better physical life. They save more and do not waste anymore. They live cleaner and more peaceful with each other. They love God more and it shows in their activities.

“I hope you will keep praying and caring for us that that more people will get the Bible to have new life in God.”

(Edited and excerpted from the original source for length and clarity.)

To Discuss

  • Read 2 Chronicles 2:10 to find out what Solomon prayed for. How are the youth in Vietnam in Solomon?
  • In what ways did reading the Bible change the youth in the churches in Vietnam?
  • Have you ever changed anything in your life because of something you read in the Bible or learned at church?

Spotlight Story

“Bad Man” Trusts in Jesus

South Sudan

“When [Saul] came to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, not believing that he was a disciple” (Acts 9:26, NIV).

Christians in Laos sent The Voice of the Martyrs the following information about “Brother M,” a Khmu Christian. (The Khmu are a tribe of people who live mostly in Southeast Asia. Officials often oppose efforts to spread the gospel among them.)

Brother M and his wife have two children. He was well-known as a “bad man” in the area. But while he was traveling, he listened to a Christian radio program. The pastor on the program said that the only way to be saved from sin and to go to heaven is to trust in Christ and his salvation.

Brother M lay awake at night thinking about what the pastor had said. He thought about how he could be free of his sin and his old life.

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Spotlight Story

Children’s Bibles

Romanian Children

How old were you when you got your first Bible? In some countries where there are few Christians, even some adults have never seen a Bible. The Voice of the Martyrs distributes Bibles to children in many of those countries. Now the children will grow up knowing who Jesus is.

VOM also supports Bible distributions to children in countries where Christians used to be persecuted. Christians in those countries often need help and encouragement. One of those countries is Romania.

The photo in this post shows Romanian children with their new children’s Bibles. A Christian worker in Romania reported to VOM: “The books were very well received because they are simple and easy to read. The children promised to read them daily. We pray their enthusiasm will prevail. We will support them in our prayers that the Holy Spirit will work in their little hearts. We all hope for a long-term impact of these books as a gate for knowledge of our Lord as personal Savior for each to them.”

Spotlight Story

Action Pack Blessing

Sudanese children

A previous post told the story of a woman in Sudan who received an Action Pack sponsored by readers of this website and The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.

The testimony below is from another Sudanese Christian who was blessed by one of the Action Packs.

“I am a Christian woman, age 31. I am a single mother with three daughters, and I take care of four of my brother’s children. He died during attacks on our village in 2011.

“I am partly paralyzed and deaf. I cannot hear well unless the person talking is near me. But I still go to church because I believe in God.

“The reason I am in a refugee camp now is because the daily bombings in our area were causing hunger, sickness, and fear. I decided to leave and seek refuge.

“We found a person with a car who helped us get to the camp. As new refugees, we faced a lot of challenges. We had no home to stay in. We were given food, plastic sheeting, and land by the authorities in the camp. We made a small shelter where I settled with my kids.

“I am glad because I received an Action Pack from the church. It had sandals, towels, bed sheets, notebooks, pens, and clothes. When I saw all the things, I cried — not because I was annoyed, but because I did not know that there are people praying and remembering us. I thought we were rejected by the whole world.

“In the pack were things that my children are now using to cover themselves from the cold. They are using the notebooks and pens in school.

“I don’t know how to express my happiness to the people in the U.S. for the gift that has changed the life of my family in many ways.

“I pray for our friends in the U.S. and the entire world that God may be with you, bless you, and guide you with whatever you do. Also remember us and pray for peace so that we can go back to our homes.”

Visit the post Sudan Action Packs, Part 2 to watch a video about two children who received an Action Pack.

(Some of the quotes and stories on this website have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

Feature Story

Laos Khmu Widows

Khmu children
Khmu children with Bible coloring pages

The Khmu are a tribe of people who live mostly in Southeast Asia. Traditionally the Khmu people are spirit worshipers, but many are becoming followers of Christ. Officials in some parts of Laos try to stop the spread of the gospel among the Khmu.

VOM received the following report from a Khmu Christian who shares the love of Jesus with other Khmu people in Laos.

“Many Khmu men become strong drinkers and heavy smokers before they trust in Jesus, which causes them a lot of health damage. That is why there are lots of Khmu men who die early and leave their wives and children.

“So there are many widows in the Khmu house churches. They are very strong believers and are trying to take care of themselves and their children.

“Many of them cannot send their children to school because they are so poor. But even though they are so poor, they are at the church services before anyone else with their children, even if their stomach may not have enough food.

“In one village there are more than six widows. They have only one radio. Every time a Khmu Christian program is on the radio, they all come together and really pay attention.

“When the speaker on the program says that he loves the widows, and that pastors should take care of widows according to the Bible, the women shout, ‘Hallelujah,’ and ‘Praise God!’”

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