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Kamea and Children in Laos

A girl in Laos
(image edited for clarity)

Kamea is a 12-year-old pastor’s daughter in Laos. Many Christians in Laos face trouble from the communist government. They also are persecuted by Buddhist family members and neighbors, and by spirit worshipers.

Kamea’s father has been in prison twice for sharing the gospel. Kamea cried as she watched the police take away her father, and she prayed every night for him to be released.

Kamea was not allowed to visit her father in prison. “God’s Word helped me learn to trust the Lord for my father’s safety and health in prison,” she said. She was encouraged when she heard that God was taking care of him, and that he wanted to know how she was growing in her faith.

One day, Kamea received a wonderful surprise. Her father came home! “I was so happy,” Kamea said. “God answered my prayer.”

Children in Laos
Many children in Laos are poor. “Children have little, … as most of the income for the family is spent on putting food on the table,” said a VOM contact. “Many children go to school without lunch. Some don’t even have a pencil. The parents often sacrifice much to help their children have an education. Many children have to work in the fields with their families at an early age.”

Source: VOM-Australia. Edited and paraphrased from the original source.

Pray: After reading the story above, what are some of the things you can ask God for children in Laos? What are some of the things you can thank Him for?

Activities Story

Encourage Kids to Participate


Kids all over the United States and the world are participating in projects to help persecuted Christians and to raise awareness about persecution. What can your kids do? Check the suggestions and resources on our special page.

Here are some example activities:

Go to the projects page to see the rest of the activities.

Spotlight Story

Remember Nigerian Families

Stephen Centre
Stephen Centre Kids

Last month, a group of armed men showed up at a school in Nigeria. They rounded up dozens of girls from the school and put them in the backs of trucks. Some of the girls jumped off the trucks and escaped, but most of them were driven away. Their families have not seen them since.

The men are part of Boko Haram, a violent, radical group of Muslims. Haram means “forbidden,” and Boko Haram means “Western education is forbidden.” You can see a chart of haram and permitted behaviors under Muslim law here. Many radical Muslims would like children to learn only from Muslim teachings like the Quran, which is the Muslim holy book. They especially do not approve of girls going to school.

Boko Haram groups have attacked Muslims who do not agree with them as well as Christians. Most of the kidnapped girls are Christians, but some are Muslims.

Children from some Christian families who have suffered in Muslim attacks now attend the Stephen Center. The center is a boarding school supported and assisted by The Voice of the Martyrs. Several stories on this site have told stories of children at the center. Watch a clip of Stephen Center children singing praises to God here.

Ask God to protect the kidnapped children and their families from further harm. Pray that they will be returned to their families. Pray that Muslims who are tempted to join Boko Haram in evil activities will decide to follow Jesus instead.

Spotlight Story

Remembering Samuel Morris

Samuel Morris encouraged many people to follow the Lord before his death at age 20 on May 12, 1893. Before he took the name Samuel Morris, he was known as Prince Kaboo. He was kidnapped from the African tribe ruled by his father. His captors from an enemy tribe treated him harshly.

After a miraculous escape, Kaboo ran through the jungle until he reached a plantation. There he learned about God, prayer, and Jesus. He became a Christian and changed his name to Samuel Morris.

Samuel longed to become a missionary and the share the gospel with others who had not heard it. So he set off for New York alone to find a teacher he had heard about. On the ship to New York, he experienced persecution for his faith from rough and mean sailors. But his inner strength convinced the ship’s captain and other crew members to trust in Jesus!

Even before Samuel studied to become a missionary, he led people in America to Jesus. He began attending Taylor University in Indiana, where he encouraged other students to take their faith seriously.

Sadly, Samuel got very sick and had to spend a long time in the hospital. “I have trusted in God all this way, I trust him now,” said Samuel. He was ready to go to heaven.

Samuel died when he was 20 years old. His simple faith inspired many people to become missionaries and to reach people with the gospel as Samuel had longed to do.

The Torchlighters: The Samuel Morris Story DVD is available at VOM Books.

Parents and teachers: Please preview Torchlighters DVDs before showing them to younger children.

Leader’s and Student Guides for Torchlighters DVDs are available in the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

A Mother’s Helper


On Mother’s Day this year, remember mothers around the world who joyfully serve God even in harsh circumstances. VOM helps Christians in South Sudan who are still attacked by soldiers from the North.

Leah was born blind. One day soldiers came to Leah’s village in South Sudan. The soldiers were Muslims from the North. They burned down all the buildings in the village, even the church.

Most of the people in the village ran away. But blind Leah couldn’t flee, because she could not see which way to go. She was very scared.

Many people came back to the village, but all that they owned had been burned or stolen. They are very poor now, and Leah is especially poor. Christian workers who came to the village saw that she was sick and had very ragged clothing.

When the workers visited Leah’s church, they saw Leah standing away from everyone else in the congregation, singing beautiful praises to God. “Leah is a strong Christian,” the pastor told the workers.

“Why don’t you help Leah more?” one worker asked the Sudanese Christians. “She is blind, sick, and needs clothes!”

“How can we?” asked the Christians. “There are so many others like her, and we are poor ourselves!”

But God has not left Leah alone. He has given her a very special helper. Leah has a little 5-year-old daughter. Leah’s daughter has learned to lead her mother around. She is her mother’s guide.

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