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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, crafts, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of their Christian brothers and sisters who face Islamic extremism. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Bold Believers in Syria provides age-appropriate companion material for VOM’s I Am N information and resources. (See

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Mexico: “I’m God’s Child”

Will you pray for a girl in Mexico?

Her parents belong to a group called the Zapatistas. The group does not support the government of Mexico. Sometimes they break the law to get things they want. And sometimes they kick Christian families out of their villages.

Even though her parents are Zapatistas, the girl is a Christian. Children in her community would point at her and say, “You’re a Zapatista!” She would answer, “No! I’m God’s child.”

Every Saturday night, the girl asked to spend the night with her grandparents in another village. Her grandparents are Christians. On Sundays the girl and her grandparents walked the long way to church over a mountain to avoid the eyes of Zapatista spies.

But the girl’s parents found out that she had been going to church, and now they refuse to let her go. Pray that she will remain strong in her faith.

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Danger from Robbers

Thirteen-year-old Amber lives in a country where most of the people are Muslims. He works hard helping his dad sweep in the market, cleaning and cooking for his siblings at home, and studying the Bible at church.

Amber would like to tell everyone about Jesus, his Savior, but he thought he couldn’t, because he had to quit school when his mom died. Amber’s friend, Pastor Faisal, reminded him that God can use anybody.

Now Amber serves God with a team that delivers Bibles to Christians who otherwise would not have one. When he first joined the team, he did not know how brave he would have to be.

On a recent trip, Amber helped hand out more than 700 Bibles from The Voice of the Martyrs to people who never had a Bible before. The people were so happy to have their own copies of God’s Word that they cried with joy as they thanked Amber and his friends.

After Amber’s team had finished, they were exhausted and ready to get home so they could rest. The men took a shortcut to save time. The road became very bumpy and made their old van bounce a lot, so the driver slowed down. He thought that would help with the bumpiness.

But when he slowed down, six men with guns surrounded them and demanded they hand over their valuables. The men were a band of professional robbers. Amber and his friends gave the robbers all their money and their phones.

“Give us more!” The robbers demanded.

All they had left were the Bibles.

Amber bravely faced the robbers. Even though the men could have killed him, Amber trusted God to  take care of him and his friends. “We have Bibles,” he said and offered them one. “Take a Bible.” The robbers threw the Bible down and yelled mean things at Amber.

God protected the team, and miraculously, the robbers decided to let them all go. Although Amber might think he’s not important, God is using him in a special way to encourage Christians to be courageous followers who trust Jesus no matter what dangers they face.

J.G. Spires, who wrote this story, was a summer college intern at The Voice of the Martyrs

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Table Time with VOM

Read the letter below to learn how three Florida boys study and pray for the needs of persecuted Christians in The Voice of the Martyrs newsletters. The boys are Adam and Andrew, age 12, and their 10-year-old brother, Luke. The letter was written by their mother, Kathy.

We meet once a week at the table. Each boy has his copy of the month’s newsletter. We look at the photos and try to guess where that person or [people group] is from…. We have two maps and the globe to look up locations, so that the boys will have a general knowledge of geography, especially as it relates to people groups.

We then take turns reading out loud, each of the articles. We usually cover one article or title a week, dividing up the magazine for the month. Sometimes, we go to the VOM site to watch and listen to individuals speak about their situations. Lastly, we go around the table and pray for an individual or family that we just read about. That’s how we use your publication. It has been a wonderful way to expose our children to other Christians’ plights and hardships and how they live as a persecuted Christian in their country. — Kathy O.

Spotlight Story

Shredded Journal

A war in Syria is making life dangerous for both Christians and Muslims. The Voice of the Martyrs helps Christian who have fled the country and those who have stayed.

Some Christian workers who visited Syria kept a journal to help them remember their experiences. Then they realized that people who hate Christians might find the journal. The Christians they came to help could get in trouble for their Christian activities.

The photo shows what the workers had to do to their journal before they left Syria.

To learn more about Christians in Syria, download Bold Believers in Syria from the Downloads section.

Feature Story

Ada’s Mission

Ada's Mission
A Christian youth group in Nepal

In the snowy mountains of Tibet, “Ada” helped people called “nomads” grow food gardens. Nomads live in tents and move from place to place each season. They wear clothes made of sheep’s wool or yak hair from the animals they raise.

One day, police showed up at Ada’s house and took her to prison. They told her to write a paper that said she had broken the law. But Ada was doing God’s work. She had not done the bad things they wanted her to write. “What should I do?” Ada wondered. She prayed for God’s help, and Jesus told her to write only the truth.

Instead of saying that she did the bad things, Ada wrote about the good things Jesus has done for her. This made the police angry. They snatched up Ada’s paper and ripped it to pieces. Then they shoved another blank paper toward her and told her to write what they wanted. Ada only wrote about Jesus. The police became so mad they beat her.

Ada was afraid she would not be strong when she was in prison, but Jesus was with her, just like He promised. Jesus worked through her to tell her persecutors that He loved them and wanted to forgive them. Ada prayed for the men who hurt her and told them, “Jesus loves you.”

When the police realized Ada would not write what they wanted, they let her go. They said, “Leave our country and don’t come back.” They didn’t want her to tell anyone else about Jesus.

Not only did Jesus help Ada through her suffering, but He also helped her love those who hurt her. Ada loved the people of Tibet so much that she cried when she had to leave. She still wanted to share Jesus’s love with them.

But God had a plan for Ada. Tibetan nomads also live in a nearby country called Nepal. And that’s where God sent her next. Now Ada shows God’s love to the nomads in Nepal.

J.G. Spires, who wrote this story, was a college intern at The Voice of the Martyrs in the summer of 2016.

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