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Learning About Islam


What do Muslims believe?
Are the God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran the same?
What is Shariah law?
How should we react to terrorism?
How can we witness to Muslims?
How do Christian beliefs about women differ from Muslim beliefs?
How are Christians treated in Muslim countries?

VOM offers Learning About Islam to help parents and teachers share the truth about Islam with students. The 60-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Miriam and Sarah

Sarah and her sons

Sarah, a Christian in Kenya, was 9 years old when her mother died. Her Aunt Miriam took her in and raised her until she grew up and married a pastor.

Sarah lived with her husband for five years, and they had two sons. Then one day Muslim radicals from a group called al-Shabab came to their church and began shooting guns. A bullet struck Sarah in the foot. She hid under a pew with her baby son.

Sadly, Sarah’s husband died in the attack. Sarah took her two sons and moved back into Miriam’s house.

Miriam lives in a one-room shack in a big city with her husband and four children. After Sarah moved back in, nine people lived in the shack. Miriam works as a maid, and her husband does different jobs whenever he can find work. Sarah could not work because of her injured foot.

“Miriam is truly a remarkable woman,” said a Christian in Kenya. “She selflessly cares for Sarah and her children, even though she has little money.”

The Voice of the Martyrs is helping Sarah and Miriam. Sarah said, “I take this opportunity to thank Almighty God for how far He has taken me and my two kids.”

To Talk About

  • What does selflessly mean?
  • How do you think Miriam is able to be generous with what she has even though she has very little?
  • How do you think Sarah is able to be so thankful after all that has happened to her family?

Spotlight Story

Cheng Jie

Hualin with family photos

Cheng Jie is a Christian in China. She and her husband, Hualin, have two sons who are less than 5 years old.

But Cheng Jie was sent to prison and could no longer help Hualin care for their children. “I don’t know how to take care of kids,” said Hualin. “When they ask me things, I don’t know how to answer. The kids need mom. I cannot help.”

Cheng Jie was the director of a Christian school that is part of their church. Hualin is a youth pastor. The government complained about the books and materials Cheng Jie’s school used to teach kindergarteners. And they put her in prison.

“As a full-time pastor, I have prepared myself to be in jail,” Hualin said. “Unfortunately it is not me; it is my wife in jail. The younger son is only 2 years old, so he really doesn’t know much about mom. The older one always asks for mom. Every day he prays that mom will come home soon.

“I wish for my wife to come back home so our family can be reunited. Pray for her, to keep her strong faith in God. And also pray that she can share the gospel in jail. Her lawyer said she is sharing the gospel in jail.”

(Source: Report from VOM contacts; edited and paraphrased.)

Spotlight Story

Remember Children Without Their Mothers


Pastor Richard Wurmbrand started The Voice of the Martyrs after he was released from prison in Romania. He had been imprisoned for spreading Christianity. After he left Romania, he told many stories of Christians who were faithful to God in difficult situations. The story below is about a boy who honored his mother by following what she taught him.

In one country where the government did not like Christians, a policeman put many Christians in jail. One day, a 12-year-old boy came to the policeman’s office holding a flower. “Sir,” said the boy, “you put my mother and father in prison. Today is my mother’s birthday. I always give her a flower on her birthday. But because of you I can’t be with my mother today.

“My mother is a good Christian,” the boy continued. “She taught me to love and forgive my enemies. She taught me to repay evil with good. So I thought I would bring a flower to your wife, the mother of your children. Please take it to her. Tell her about my love and the love of Christ.”

The policeman hugged the boy. Because of the boy’s love, the policeman didn’t want to put any more Christians in jail. He quit his job. Then other policemen put him in jail. He thought it was an honor to be in jail with followers of Christ.

On Mother’s Day, remember children who are separated from their parents because of Christian persecution. Ask God to help the children remain faithful to Him like the boy in Pastor Wurmbrand’s story.

The next post will tell about two children in China who were separated from their mother when she went to prison for her Christian activities.

Spotlight Story

Another Book‽

Pakistani girls reading about Jesus

The video clip in a previous post showed children in Pakistan who received booklets about Jesus. Read below what one of the children said after she got one of the booklets.

My name is Shiza, and I am 8 years old. One day we received The Story of Jesus in our girls’ hostel. [A hostel is like a dormitory.] At first I thought, “Again; another book! I hate reading books.”

But when I opened the book and saw colorful pictures and stories, I became so excited, and I started reading the book. One page was a turning point of my life because I often think only big people can serve others. But I read about a little boy who shared his lunch, and Jesus did a miracle, and more than 5,000 were fed.

In our faith, we love God. But I never thought that I can give something to Jesus, and He can multiply it. God has blessed me with a good voice. So I decided to give my voice to worship the Lord to become the blessing of many people.

To Think About
Do you have a “small” gift or talent that you can offer to Jesus?

Is there a chore or task that you don’t like to do? Can you offer it to Jesus and do it well without complaining?

Feature Story

The Witch Doctor’s Neighbors

Ethiopian Girl

The Christians in an Ethiopian village wanted to have a building where they could meet together. They found some empty land and began to build a small church.

But, as it turned out, they had a very unfriendly neighbor. The man who lived next to the church was a witch doctor. People came from all over Ethiopia to ask the witch doctor for help with their problems. He became rich and famous.

The witch doctor did not like Christians. He cast spells on the Christians and their land as they were building the church.

The Bible warns us to stay away from witchcraft. (Look up Deuteronomy 18:10–11.)

Christian workers in Ethiopia know how much trouble witch doctors cause. But they know Jesus is stronger than the power of the witch doctors. Here is what one worker said:

“Usually the job of witch doctor is passed down to someone in the witch doctor’s family. They chant, sacrifice animals, use potions, etc. Scripture says we’re not to have anything to do with witchcraft. It’s very harmful. People are drawn to it because they are curious about the unseen world. They want witchcraft to give them assurance, protection, and power that is superhuman.

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