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Framed Photo Prayer Reminder


Use a framed photo of a persecuted Christian to remind yourself to pray for your brother or sister in Christ. This activity is easy to make and full of opportunities for creativity.

Find and print out a photo of a Christian from another country on this website. You can also use a photo from The Voice of the Martyrs’ newsletter or VOM Prayer Calendar.

Cut out the photo, leaving a 2-inch margin on all sides. To make a frame, cut a piece of peel-and-stick craft foam the same size as the photo, including the margins. Cut out the center of the sheet of craft foam leaving a 2-inch margin on all sides. Carefully peel the backing off the foam, and place it on the photo page to form a frame.

Cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the framed picture. Use colorful tape to decorate the frame, wrapping it around the back of the picture to hold the cardboard in place.

If you want to make a stand for the framed photo, fold a 12-inch long by 1-inch wide thick cardboard strip into a right triangle. and tape the end shut. Glue or tape one leg of the triangle to the back of the picture so that the stand sits flat on a surface and holds up the photo.

Another option is to make a frame out of cardboard instead of craft foam. You can decorate the frame and glue it to the photo.

Spotlight Story



A previous post told about VOM’s delivery of Bibles to a remote Indonesian village. Simon, a Christian in the village, told the workers about living as a Christian in Indonesia.

“I am the fourth child of seven brothers. There is only one elementary school in my village, and its level is only from grade one to four.

“A teacher comes only once a month for a week. The children who want to continue past fourth grade have to go to another village. It takes two hours to walk to the other village.

“I went to school, but I stopped at fourth grade.

“A pastor seldom comes to our remote village. So a church member is elected from the local church to take care of local members. I was elected when I was a teenager. But I am not a pastor.

“Now my wife and I have three children. There are also an uncle, an auntie, a grandfather, and a grandmother in our family.

“Once I rebuked a teacher at the school. The government sent a Muslim teacher here. She taught the students, including my 7-year-old child, from the Quran. [The Quran is the Muslim holy book.] I asked her, ‘Why do you teach the children from the Quran? You know most of the people here are Christians.’ She finally stopped teaching from the Quran. I have to be firm in order to protect my church members.

“We have about 60 Christians in our church, and we had only seven Bibles. They took turns sharing the Bible.

“The Bible is an expensive book for us. Those of us who work in the field and cut trees are blessed if we make $88 a month. A Bible costs almost $9. And we had to travel five to seven hours to get to a place that sells Bibles.

“We are thankful to VOM for bringing us new Bibles.”

To learn more about Bible deliveries, visit Bibles Unbound.

Source: VOM contacts. Edited from the original source for clarity.

Spotlight Story

Three Leaders’ Birthdays

Raúl Castro

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.1 Timothy 2:1–4 (NKJV)

The presidents of Turkmenistan, Cuba, and China have birthdays this month. The three men rule over countries where Christians are not always treated fairly. They need your prayers, so consider praying for them on their birthdays. You can remember to pray for them by putting their birthdays on your calendar.

President: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
Born: 6/29/1957
Only certain religious groups are allowed in Turkmenistan. Other groups are sometimes raided and treated harshly. Officials have warned Christian parents that their children will be closely watched at school.

President: Raúl Castro
Born: 6/3/1931
Christians have had more freedom in recent years, but the government still mistreats some Christians. Christian children are sometimes not treated fairly in public schools.

President: Xi Jinping
Born: 6/15/1953
The Communist Party has strict control over China’s citizens. In some parts of China, police raid churches and arrest Christians. In one region, officials have said that children must go to school for nine years before they can receive any religious education outside of school. (Source: U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report)

Photo credit: / Wikipedia (CC BY 3.0)

Spotlight Story

A Rough Trip and Thankful Christians


Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited a remote village in Indonesia.

“The village can’t be reached by motorbike or car,” said one of the workers. “We rode on motorbikes for an hour to reach a mountain. Then we walked for two hours through the jungle, on the mountain, and across the river. We brought 60 Bibles and 60 children’s Bibles with us.

“It was raining, and the path was muddy and slippery. The river has high currents. We had to protect the Bible packages from rain or falling into the river, even though two of our group fell into the river.

“On the way to the village, we passed some Muslim villages. The village where the Christians live is higher on the mountain.”

Finally the workers reached the village and delivered the Bibles to grateful Christians. One of the Christians told the workers, “There are about 60 Christians here in 17 families. We are thankful to VOM for the Bibles. We are longing to grow spiritually and to be strong Christians.

“Some Christians in a village down the mountain have converted to Islam. [Islam is the religion of Muslims.] One of the reasons is that the government gives Muslims cattle and brick houses with tin roofs. Our house roofs are made from coconut leaves.

“We wanted to get electricity from solar power in our village. But we have no electricity. Instead the government gave the solar power device to a Muslim village down the mountain.

“So some Christians are becoming Muslims. Some of the local people don’t understand the Word of God. They often prefer gardening than going to church. We hope the new Bibles will help the people better understand the Word of God and have wisdom. We can learn many lessons from the Bible. Thanks to supporters who have provided the Bibles. God bless you.”

To learn more about Bible delivery to various countries, visit the Bibles Unbound site.

To Review and Discuss

  • Why are some villagers becoming Muslims?
  • What are the Christians’ roofs made of? Why would a tin roof be better?
  • How did the government help Muslims?
  • What were some of the difficulties faced by the people who delivered the Bibles?
  • How will the Bibles help the villagers?

Source: VOM contacts. Edited from the original source for clarity.

Ask a VOM Worker Story

Ask a VOM Worker: Prepare for the Hard Times


Question: What can kids to to prepare to serve God as adults?

Worker who has worked at The Voice of the Martyrs for six years: Develop a relationship, an intimacy, with your heavenly Father. That’s huge. Being able to talk one on one with your heavenly Father will prepare you for anything. God “gets” you.

Be careful that you’re not always thinking of you. Take the time to think about others and what’s going on with them.

Worker who has worked at The Voice of the Martyrs for ten years: Don’t run away from trials and hard things. Face them. They will prepare you. [Kids] face rejection in school and not being popular, Christians in particular. When you’re going through that, you don’t understand it, but it will help you be ready.

Don’t be afraid; trust in the Lord.

Memorize as much Scripture as you can. The Word in you will give you the strength to stand in hard times. Memorize and meditate on Scripture.

To Think About
What do you think of the workers’ advice? Is there anything you can do in the next few weeks to put some of their suggestions into practice?

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