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What do Muslims believe?
Are the God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran the same?
What is Shariah law?
How should we react to terrorism?
How can we witness to Muslims?
How do Christian beliefs about women differ from Muslim beliefs?
How are Christians treated in Muslim countries?

VOM offers Learning About Islam to help parents and teachers share the truth about Islam with students. The 60-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Signs, Wonders, and Dreams Among Muslims

CIA Factbook

Photo credit: CIA World Factbook

Two workers from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) visited The Voice of the Martyrs a few months ago. Jeanna Faley and Kevin Sutter talked about Christian workers who go to places where Christians have never gone, even if it is dangerous to do so.

Read below what Jeanna said about how God is working among people who do not know Jesus.

It has been really interesting because it’s like God knows that in these difficult places, we need a little extra help. When we go to an unreached people, it is not uncommon at all to see miracles and healings. It is like the Holy Spirit just intervenes and God helps us.

One of the things I have mentioned is dreams. All over the world among Muslims there is something happening where they are having unusual dreams about God.

On the same night, in the same village in Algeria, a whole group of men had the same dream about Jesus Christ saying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes to the Father but by me” [John 14:6].

This is happening so often that if I am talking with a Muslim on a plane or meet with a Muslim, I will often just ask, “Have you had any unusual dreams lately?” They might say, “You know, I haven’t old anybody this, but …..” It is happening just that often.

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for clarity and length)

To Talk About

Read the following Bible verses.

Mark 16:20 (NIV): Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.

Acts 14:3 (NIV): So Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speaking boldly for the Lord, who confirmed the message of his grace by enabling them to perform signs and wonders.

Acts 4:29–30 (NIV): Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.

How was God helping people believe His Word during Bible times?

How did the workers in the story above say God is helping them when they talk to people who do not know Jesus?

Spotlight Story


Algerian Children
Children in Algeria

Madeha was a 13-year-old girl in Algeria. Her older brother, Naser, was a bully. He often kicked Madeha, slapped her face, and spoke rudely to her for no reason. Madeha had never known anyone so mean.

One day, Naser seemed to be playing a new trick on his sister. He came to Madeha and said, “I have accepted Jesus, whom the Christians believe. He has changed my heart and my ways. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you. Will you forgive me?”

Madeha did not trust Naser. For one thing, she and her family were Muslims. It is rare, and often dangerous, for an Algerian Muslim to become a Christian. Also, Madeha didn’t believe that anyone as mean as her brother could really change.

After many days, Naser had still not hurt or insulted Madeha. She realized that her brother had really changed. Madeha then began to seek the God who had given her brother a new heart. Naser shared the Good News of Jesus with Madeha, and she trusted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Trusting God
Madeha knew her Muslim father would never allow her to meet with other Algerian Christians. So she listened to Christian radio programs and sometimes wrote letters to the stations that broadcast the programs. She was able to get a Bible, and she read it whenever she had the opportunity. She continued to follow Jesus, trusting that He knew her circumstances and would help her through them.

Pray for Madeha and other Algerian Christians who love Jesus. Pray that their families will also seek and find the truth.

(Source: Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia. Available in the free Downloads section of this site.)

Spotlight Story

The Long Prayer

Khmu Children

The Khmu [kuh-MOO] tribe is one of many tribes of people in Laos. By the grace of God, many Khmu families, even whole villages, are coming to Christ. But sometimes one person in a Khmu family becomes a Christian before others in the family do.

Boon, a Khmu teenager in Laos, was a Christian. Everyone else in his family was an animist. They tried to stop him from following Jesus.

Animists believe there are spirits living in everything. Animists fear the spirits and try to please them to keep bad things from happening in their homes and villages. Perhaps Boon’s family thought the spirits would be angry with them if Boon was a Christian.

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Spotlight Story

Nasara Update


The previous post told about Nasara, a girl at the Stephen Center in Nigeria. At first Nasara did poorly at school, but she trusted God and continued trying to do well.

Nasara graduated from high school at the Stephen Center, and she is now attending a university. She is taking classes in political science, which is the study of governments. “I intend to work with the government (law makers) and to help young people just like I have been helped,” said Nasara.

Going to the university was not easy for Nasara when she first started, just as school at the Stephen Center had been a challenge at first.

Nasara said, “My first semester in the university [was] really … a challenge to me… everything seemed new to me unlike secondary school. I got to meet with so many people from different places…. At first thought I was scared of what my performance will be like until I gradually began to adapt to the situation in school and then a new world became no more new to me.

“My advice for young people like me is that they should be serious in their academics no matter the situation around them…

“You can help my country with your prayers, and you should pray for me also….”

Spotlight Story



The Stephen Center in Nigeria is a home and school for children whose families have suffered because of attacks by radical Muslims. Watch clips of some of the children singing praises to God here and here.

Read a story below about Nasara, one of the first children to receive help from the center.

Nasara was sad. She cried throughout the 10-hour ride from the Stephen Center to her home in Nigeria. She had received the worst grade in the class on her final exams! The students who came in first, second, and third received prizes. But Nasara got nothing.

Something even sadder had happened when Nasara lived with her parents, brother, and three sisters. Radical Muslims attacked Christians in her hometown, and her father died in the attack. “My father was a farmer,” said Nasara. “He was known as an active Christian in the community. He was killed by rioters when he was coming home from the farm.”

In the Bible, King David said, “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” (Psalm 27:13). No one would have blamed Nasara if she had lost heart after experiencing sadness and failure. But God helped Nasara to trust Him. And He provided for her family after her father died. The Christians at the Stephen Center took her in, gave her an education, and helped her learn more about growing as a Christian.

Things were different when she returned to school the next term. “There was a miraculous change in her life,” said her teacher. At the end of the next school term, Nasara came in first on her exams. “I changed to do better by listening to my teacher,” she said.

Nasara didn’t forget about the prize for students who came in first. She was delighted to receive a prize package of pencils, a pen, a ruler, and books. After that, Nasara regularly came in first in her classes. She looked up to Job in the Bible as an example. Job trusted God, even when sad things happened to him. “He feared God and stayed away from evil,” said Nasara.

Read an update about Nasara in the next post.

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