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Kids of Courage VBS Curriculum


The Kids of Courage VBS curriculum introduces students to real Kids of Courage at risk for their faith today in five countries: China, Egypt, Nigeria, North Korea, and India. Students learn how bold believers around the world live, worship, and play.

The lessons teach children how to pray for those who risk everything for their faith, and how to become Kids of Courage themselves. They learn that Kids of Courage: Trust God, Get Prepared, Remember Persecuted Christians, Forgive Others, and Witness Boldly.

Visit to see samples of the materials and to read feedback from churches that have used the curriculum for Vacation Bible School, Sunday school, and mission weeks.

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VOM Next

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Do you know a teenager who might be interested in learning more about the lives of persecuted Christians around the world? Let them know about VOM Next, VOM’s program for youth.

Teens can visit the VOM Next Facebook page or follow VOM Next on Twitter.

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Precious Gatherings


About 3 million people live in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank. Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, is a city in the West Bank today. The majority of the people in the territories are Muslim Palestinian Arabs.

Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited the region and learned about the problems Christian students face at schools in the territories. “They often have a very difficult time,” said one worker. “Because they are so outnumbered by Muslims, it is easy for them to feel isolated and alone. Some have even been attacked and beaten up. Also the schools may teach them a bad view of Christianity.”

Christian adults help the students get together with others who are facing the same problems. The adults help the kids understand what the Bible says about persecution. “These gatherings are precious times of encouragement, love, and training,” said the VOM worker.

To learn more about Christians in Gaza and the West Bank, download Bold Believers in Gaza and the West Bank from the Downloads section.

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“Smart” Persecution

Turkish Children

A worker from The Voice of the Martyrs recently visited a Christian in Turkey. The worker said Turkish Christians often face “smart” persecution.

“Sometimes believers in Turkey do face violent persecution,” said the worker. “But they also face ‘smart’ persecution.”

One example of smart persecution happens when Christian workers are treated unfairly on their jobs. They may not be hurt physically, but can be burdened by bad treatment from Muslim bosses and workers.

In other cases, officials hassle churches and missionaries with bothersome rules, hoping they will give up their work for the Lord. At school, teachers and students may try to get kids who have become Christians to return to Islam. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

“It is called ‘smart’ persecution because it works,” said the VOM worker. “And also because it is easy for the persecutors to deny that they are doing it and for officials to ignore it.”

Note: May 19th is Youth and Sports Day in Turkey. The holiday honors Ataturk, a past leader of Turkey. Pray for children and youth in Turkey.

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More News from Iran

Saudi Arabia

Iran used to be called Persia. The body of water between Iran and Saudi Arabia is commonly known as the Persian Gulf. But most Arab countries call it the Arabian Gulf. In 2010, Iran threatened to ban or seize airplanes of any airline flying over Iran that called the gulf the Arabian Gulf.

Now some Iranians are upset again because the Internet site Google Maps left out the name of the gulf entirely. A government spokesman in Iran said Google is “fabricating lies.”

Lawyer Arrested

Pastor Youcef is a prisoner in Iran because he protested a government rule that said children must study the Quran in school. The Quran is the Muslim holy book. Pastor Youcef, a Christian, did not want his 8 and 9 year old sons to be forced to study the book. (You can read more about Pastor Youcef at

Recently Pastor Youcef’s lawyer was reportedly sentenced to nine years in prison for “acting against national security.” Now other lawyers may be afraid to help Pastor Youcef, fearing they might be imprisoned.

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No Longer Afraid

Stephen's Test

The Voice of the Martyrs recently received a letter from David, a teenage Christian in a European country. David had received the Stephen’s Test of Faith DVD from VOM. His letter said:

“Thank you! When I started watching the DVD, I could not stop until I finished it. So I went to bed after midnight.

“I have a speech disability. I became a Christian at a Christian camp. I was so shocked after I watched the DVD. Christians in the DVD did not quit believing in God and proclaiming the name of Jesus, in spite of their persecution!

“I used to be afraid to carry a Bible with me. But after I watched the DVD, my Bible is always in my backpack. I would like to give copies of the DVD to two friends of mine. They are like I was. They believe in God, but feel it is hard to carry the Bible and witness.

“May God bless your mission.”

To Discuss: Are you ever afraid to talk to others about Jesus? Reading or listening to stories about courageous believers can help give you strength to be bold.