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Learning About Islam


What do Muslims believe?
Are the God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran the same?
What is Shariah law?
How should we react to terrorism?
How can we witness to Muslims?
How do Christian beliefs about women differ from Muslim beliefs?
How are Christians treated in Muslim countries?

VOM offers Learning About Islam to help parents and teachers share the truth about Islam with students. The 60-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Pastor Foroutan Released!

Mehdi Petros Foroutan

Petros Foroutan, a pastor in Iran, was arrested in 2010 because of his Christian activities. Iran is a Muslim country, and the government does not want Christianity to spread.

Pastor Foroutan was released on bail after a month, but was sentenced to one year in prison. Unlike most people who wait for an arrest warrant, the pastor reported to prison on September 25, 2011 to begin serving his sentence.

Christians around the world prayed for his health and encouragement. More than 1,500 people wrote letters to Pastor Foroutan through VOM’s Prisoner Alert website.

VOM has received a report saying that Pastor Foroutan was released from prison on June 10, 2012! Praise God for his safe release and ask God to heal and strengthen Pastor Foroutan.

Spotlight Story

Recent News from North Korea

North Korea

News reports say that the North Korean government has made new rules about the height of their soldiers. Until recently, North Koreans had to be at least 145 centimeters tall to be in the military. But many North Koreans are very short because they have never had enough to eat. (Read the story “Hungry in North Korea”)

So now soldiers have to be only 142 centimeters tall, the news reports say. That is about 4 feet 8 inches tall. Laws in many U.S. states say that children have to ride in car booster seats until they are 4 feet 9 inches tall.

Many North Koreans try to escape from their country to live in better places. Some become Christians after they leave North Korea. The new Christians sometimes risk their lives to return to their homeland and tell others the good news about Jesus.

Spotlight Story

A Camp That Heals, Part 1

Sri Lanka flag

In recent years, more than 250 churches in Sri Lanka have been damaged or destroyed, and Christians and their homes have been attacked. Nimal, age 6, and his sister, Nirmala, age 12, were two of the Christians whose home was attacked.

A mob threw a fire bomb through their window one night, catching the curtains on fire. Thankfully, the children’s father put out the flames and no one was hurt. But sometimes the children felt worried and fearful after the attack.

Christians in Sri Lanka invited Nimal and Nirmala to come to a camp for children whose families have been persecuted for their Christian work. At the camp, they made friends with other children who had been through similar experiences. They learned more about the Bible and about how to overcome their fear. Their family is grateful for the camp.

(Sources: VOM-Canada, Operation World)

To learn more about Christians in Sri Lanka, download Bold Believers in Sri Lanka from the Downloads section, or go to its Country page.

Spotlight Story

Ask and You Will Receive

Bibles Unbound

Bibles Unbound is a VOM program that provides Bibles to people in several countries with the help of VOM supporters. Read below a thank-you note from a child in China who received one of the Bibles.

“My name is Jin and I am 11 years old. My mom and I have believed in Jesus since I was young. Last August, I was baptized. I was longing to own a Bible. I thought about this and prayed for it. I got a Bible a few days later!

“Thank you very much. What happened to me agrees with the Bible, which says ask and you will receive; knock and the door will be opened to you.

“I am happy when I hold this Bible, which belongs only to me. I can read it any time. I read one chapter each day. I want to be a child who loves the Lord! Amen!”

Learn more about Bibles Unbound at Visit to learn more about VOM’s Bibles for Captive Nations project.

Spotlight Story

Recent News from Iran


Previous posts on this site have told about Iran’s strict rules for women’s and girl’s clothing. News reports from Iran say that the government is now also cracking down on the sale of neckties for men.

Most of the people in Iran are Muslims, though many are coming to Christ. Muslim leaders in Iran believe that ties are a symbol of customs in the United States and other Western countries. A past president of Iran referred to ties as “donkey’s tails.” Some Muslims object to ties because they are shaped somewhat like a Christian cross.

Visit to read about Christians who have been imprisoned in Iran.