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An American Muslim

Some Muslim kids are happy when they get old enough to fast like adults for Ramadan. They enjoy being part of the Muslim community. Adil, a 16-year-old Muslim in America, told a VOM contact how he feels during Ramadan. “Everyone comes together to celebrate,” Adil said. “I live close to the mosque, so I can walk there. It makes me feel so good to see the children playing outside and everyone gathered at the mosque. It is really a feeling of unity with my Muslim brothers and sisters.” (A mosque is a building where Muslims gather and worship.)

Find the verses in John 17 that tell us how Jesus prayed for the unity of Christians. Many Christians around the world pray for Muslims during Ramadan. In unity with these Christians, pray for Muslims to accept the salvation that Jesus offers.

Spotlight Story

Arrested for Eating Lunch

Last year Ramadan started on August 11th. On August 12th, Christians Salem Fellak and Hocine Hocini were arrested while eating lunch at their work place in Algeria. After they informed the police that they were Christians, they were taken to the police station anyway. The police charged them with “insulting Islam.” Later an Algerian court found the Christians not guilty.

Spotlight Story

Kids at the VOM Kids’ Conference


On August 6, children ages 5 to 12 participated in a Kids of Courage Kids Conference while their parents attended the VOM Regional Conference in Oklahoma. Following the format of the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum, the children learned that Kids of Courage trust God, get prepared, remember persecuted Christians, forgive others, and witness boldly.

They squeezed through a tunnel into an “underground cave church” to hear speakers Russell Stendal, Gracia Burnham, and Todd Nettleton. After presenting Russell with parachutes they had decorated, they later watched him fly over the conference site and drop parachutes the same way he does over guerrilla-controlled jungle areas of Colombia.

At the end of the day, Todd Nettleton encouraged the children to remember the stories they learned about persecuted Christians throughout the day and to share them with others and pray for suffering Christians when they returned home.

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Spotlight Story

Hunger and High Food Prices


A missionary to Muslim Bangladesh said many Muslims do not observe the Ramadan fast. They want to fast, but most have very hard jobs and are not able to go without food. Also, many are poor and do not get enough to eat anyway. It would be difficult for them to eat even less food during the days of Ramadan. Many eat secretly.

Merchants in Bangladesh know that many Muslims buy lots of food for their night time meals and Ramadan feasts. Sometimes they raise prices of food during the season. This creates even more of a burden for the poor. The government is trying measures to keep prices down this year.

Nevertheless, Bangladeshi Muslims still consider Ramadan to be holy. Sometimes they get angry when Christians who used to be Muslims will not join their celebrations.

Spotlight Story

Problem: Which Way Is Mecca?

Dr. Sheik Muszaphar Shukar, Malaysia’s first astronaut, was also the first Muslim to travel in space during Ramadan. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for Ramadan. But in an orbiting spaceship, the sun rises and sets many times a day. Though Muslims are not required to fast while traveling, Dr. Shukar wanted to try it.

Muslims must also pray memorized prayers five times a day while facing Mecca, Saudi Arabia. But what direction should an astronaut face in space?

A group of Muslim leaders made new rules for prayer and fasting in space before Dr. Shukar blasted off in 2007.