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Ten Ways Kids Helped the Persecuted Church in 2011: #1. Parachutes and Prayer

Camouflage BibleCamouflage Bible

The kids at a Wednesday night children’s program in Ohio made cards of encouragement for several missionaries and prayed for them. They also ordered parachute-making materials from The Voice of the Martyrs. “The kids could hardly wait for the materials to arrive,” said teacher Anna C. “Writing ‘Dios es amor’ (‘God is love’ in Spanish) on each parachute was extra special because they are telling others through their own handwriting about our loving God.”

The children prayed that God would prepare the hearts of those who received the parachutes and the attached gospel materials to be open to his love. They also prayed for the parachutes to land in the right places. “Please keep the parachute from falling in the trees,” prayed 6-year-old Brookelyn. “Please help the parachutes to not fall in the water, and for people to find them on the banks,” prayed 9-year-old Ben.

VOM will deliver the parachutes to missionaries who will drop them from airplanes over guerrilla-controlled areas of Colombia. For more information about the project, go to

Feature Story

Purnima’s Christmas

Purnima was 13 years old in 1993 when she was taken with more than 30 other Christians to the police station at a town in Bhutan. Bhutan is a Buddhist country. “Who gave you permission to celebrate Christmas?” an officer asked her. “This is Bhutan. You are not allowed to celebrate Christmas here! This is your last chance. Either return to Buddhism, or leave Bhutan.”

“I will not deny Christ,” Purnima answered. “I do not wish to leave my country, and I will not leave Christ. He is the only one who can save me, or you.”

Purnima and the other Christians were given five days to pack and travel from Bhutan to Nepal. Her parents had already kicked her out of their house when she became a Christian; now she was being kicked out of her country.

Purnima and her friends were later arrested for sharing about the love of Jesus in a marketplace in Nepal! They continued spreading the gospel after they were put in prison for witnessing to non-Christians.

Some of the prisoners appreciated Purnima’s words of hope. Others mocked and despised her.

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Spotlight Story

“Joy to the World” Illegal

A few years ago, officials at a town near Hanoi, Vietnam warned members of a house church that it was against the law to display a “Joy to the World” banner at Christmastime. The officials also said the church could not have a Christmas celebration with neighbors and friends. A few months later, the owner of the house was fined for the group’s Christian activities.

Officials in Vietnam still give tribal Christians a hard time, but the Christians still sing of their joy in Christ.

Spotlight Story

New Birth in Bethlehem

Bethlehem ChurchChristians attending church in Bethlehem.

Today many Christians have fled Bethlehem because it is often not safe for followers of the Savior who was born there long ago. Fewer than five percent of the citizens of Bethlehem are Christians. Radical Muslims in the city have attacked Christians and churches.

During Christmastime in a recent year, some of the Christians in the city held a Christmas party and invited their neighbors to attend. A Muslim couple and their three children arrived early at the party. The pastor realized that the family was at the wrong event. The tickets in their hands were for another party. But the pastor invited the family to stay for a while.

The family stayed for a meal, singing, testimonies of Christians who had been persecuted, and a sermon. The Christians at the party showed them love and kindness. By the time the family left the party, their hearts were open to learning more about Jesus. They began to meet regularly with Christians to hear about the one who had been born in their city 2000 years ago.

Pray for the citizens of Bethlehem.

Spotlight Story

Christmas in Iraq

Christmas presentationIraqi children presenting a Christmas drama

Muslim radicals have made life hard for many Iraqi Christians. In recent years, thousands of Christians have left the country to go to safer places. Christians who remain in Iraq risk danger from people who do not want Christianity to spread.

In the face of the danger around them, Christians still teach their children the truth about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

Pray for the safety of Iraqi Christians this Christmas.