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Parachute Party

Parachute for Colombia

Groups and families from all over the U.S. continue to make parachutes for delivery to missionaries who drop them over guerrilla-controlled areas of Colombia. The chutes carry Christian books and radios pre-tuned to a Christian station.

Nancy S. from Indiana sent The Voice of the Martyrs the following letter about a unique birthday party:

“Making the parachutes became the craft at an 11-year-old’s birthday party. Praying for persecuted children in other lands took the place of gift opening. Our desire was that our children would have grateful, compassionate hearts and learn even as children to be ‘the feet of Jesus.’ May Christ’s name be glorified by many from the Bibles released in the parachutes.”

For further information about how to order parachute kits, go to

Spotlight Story

How Does Praying for Persecuted Christians Change You?


A group of Christians that keeps in touch by email prays regularly for the persecuted church. The group was asked, “How has praying for persecuted Christians affected you?” Read some of their answers below.

“When I pray for persecuted Christians, I become more aware of my many blessings and more sensitive to the needs of others. I think less about my petty issues. I marvel at the greatness of God, who saves people all over the world and is able to do more than we can imagine or think.”

“Praying for the persecuted church has made the world seem like a much smaller place. They are not just people out there in the distance; they have names, faces, needs, families, hopes, and dreams.”

“When I pray for the needs of persecuted Christians, I am aware that my character is changing and I am more like Jesus. I feel the love and compassion of God when I pray. Such things can’t be bought anywhere. They are most precious.”

(Source: Christians in Crisis)

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Message from a Christian in a Muslim Country


Brother X is a Christian who works in a Middle Eastern country where preaching the gospel is against the law. He was asked, “How do you feel knowing that people are praying for you?” Brother X answered, “Living in a place that forbids Christian worship, or even discussion of the gospel, can be very frustrating. The most important thing to me is knowing that even though I may be alone physically, I am not alone spiritually!

“Each day as I face new challenges, I can be sure that my Christian brothers and sisters around the world are standing with me in prayer. As we face new and growing persecution, we can stand firm in our faith when we remember those who are cheering us on.

“Being far away from this country does not stop you from changing the nation. From where you are, you can be part of the most exciting missions work in history through your prayers. I invite you to become part of the greatest adventure in the history of man: bringing the gospel to unreached nations.”

(Source: Christians in Crisis)

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Hard to Find a Bible

Farsi Bible

A teacher in Iran decided to follow Jesus after hearing the gospel on a Christian satellite TV program! He wanted to read a Bible, but had no way to get one. “I checked all the bookstores in Tehran to find a copy, but could not,” he said. (Tehran is the capital of Iran.)

Fifteen months went by, and the man still had not found a Bible. He started to write down all the verses he heard in sermons on the Christian TV broadcasts. He put pages of the verses together to make a small book.

The man began to share his faith with his students and others, and soon there was a group of 30 new Christians who met every week to worship God together. But none of them had a Bible.

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Spotlight Story

A Wise Son


In Iran, it is against the law to share the message of Jesus with Muslims. But some bold believers go to parks and other public places to tell Muslims how Jesus can save them from sin. They remember that Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15).

A man and his wife from a city in Iran often walked up and down streets witnessing to people they saw. After a while, the man wondered if God was calling him to do more. He began praying with his Christian friends, asking God is he should quit his high-paying job to serve him.

The man’s 7-year-old son heard his father’s prayers and came to him. “Abraham was ready to give his son for God,” the boy said to his father. “You are thinking only about a job. It’s just a job.” (The story of Abraham and his son Isaac is in Genesis 22:1–14).

The man quit his job. He and another Christian, witnessing together, brought 30 people to Christ in one month.