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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, crafts, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of their Christian brothers and sisters who face Islamic extremism. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Bold Believers in Syria provides age-appropriate companion material for VOM’s I Am N information and resources. (See

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A Testimony from Nigeria

Watch the video to hear about a man who was strengthened in his faith by persecution.

Spotlight Story

Still Homeless

Thousands of Christians are still homeless in India

About four years ago, violence broke out in Orissa, a state in India (now called Odisha). Radical Hindus blamed Christians for the death of one of their leaders, even though non-Christians admitted to killing the leader. Violent Hindus destroyed Christians’ homes and villages in Odisha.

Camping out in a tent with your family can be fun for a short time. But it can be discouraging to live for a long time in a tent or other temporary home in a camp for homeless people. Other Christians are helping Odisha Christians pick up the pieces of their lives, but many are still homeless.

(Source of story and photo: VOM Canada)

Note: Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 in India. Remember homeless Christian children in India in your prayers.

Spotlight Story


A Hindu temple
A Hindu temple

An important Hindu festival is Diwali, the Festival of Lights (also spelled “Divali” or “Devali”). More than 900 million people in the world are Hindus. India has the largest number of Hindus.

Diwali is celebrated in many countries where Hindus live. In India and some other places, Indians of other religions also celebrate Diwali.

During the days of Diwali, people light lamps, set off fireworks, eat desserts, give gifts, and recall legends about gods and goddesses honored in Hinduism.

God has made us with a longing in our hearts to be close to him. (See Acts 17:26–27 and Ecclesiastes 3:11.) Many Hindus feel that longing, too. But they do not believe, or have not been told, that the way to be close to God is through his Son, Jesus. So they try to fill that longing with other gods, rituals, and works.

Some Hindus add Jesus to the list of gods they honor, but do not forsake other gods. The Bible tells us we must have no other gods.

Pray that Hindus will meet Christians who can tell them about Jesus, the light of the world, and that they will open their hearts to him. Pray especially for radical Hindus who oppose Christianity in India and other places.

Photo credit: Shivakant Tripathi, Wikipedia

Spotlight Story

Christmas Care Nigeria

Christmas Care

Worship services in some churches in Nigeria don’t last very long. The pastors keep the services short because they know militant Muslims might attack their churches. “Our little children, we don’t have time to sit them down and teach them the word of God,” said one mother. Christian children may also be picked on by Muslim children at school.

Christmas Care
Every year, The Voice of the Martyrs works with partners around the world to choose one region in which to help persecuted Christians with Christmas Care Packs for children. Workers also distribute Village Outreach Packs for pastors and evangelists. This year, 10,000 Christmas Care Packs and 3,000 Village Outreach Packs will be distributed in Nigeria.

The Christmas Care Packs will be backpacks filled with health care items, school supplies, snacks, a toy, and a children’s Bible. Village Outreach Packs will contain Bibles, a Jesus: He Lived Among Us DVD, an MP3 player, rain boots, a flashlight, and other Christian materials.

To think about: Why do you think the pastors and evangelists might need rain boots and flashlights?

To learn more about the packs and how to sponsor them, go to

Spotlight Story

Republic Day in Maldives


In the United States, November 11th is Veterans Day, a day to honor people who have served in the armed forces. In Maldives, it is Republic Day, when the country celebrates becoming a republic in the 1960s.

Maldives is an island nation south of India. It has the lowest population and area of any country in Asia. It also has the lowest sea level in the world. The average ground level is only about five feet above sea level. Some people in Maldives fear that sea levels will rise and their country will disappear.

No citizen in Maldives may practice any religion other than Islam, the religion of Muslims. No one may encourage another person to follow Jesus. People who protest their lack of freedom in Maldives are treated harshly. Visitors from other countries may practice their religion, but only in private.

Many teens in Maldives use dangerous illegal drugs. A few Maldivians believe in Jesus and follow him, but they can’t meet openly with other Christians. Pray for their protection.