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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, crafts, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of their Christian brothers and sisters who face Islamic extremism. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Bold Believers in Syria provides age-appropriate companion material for VOM’s I Am N information and resources. (See

Spotlight Story

Attacks in Tanzania


Early this year, radical Muslims threw a large homemade bomb into a church on Zanzibar Island off the coast of Africa. About 500 Christians were in the church. Thankfully, the bomb did not explode!

Then in May, a mob broke into the same church and burned the pulpit, chairs, and musical instruments. The church continues its work, and would even like to expand some of its activities.

Facts about Tanzania and Zanzibar Island

  • The countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined to form the country of Tanzania in 1964. However, Zanzibar still has a lot of independence. Zanzibar covers two large islands, Zanzibar and Pemba, and other smaller ones.
  • More than 95 percent of the people of Zanzibar are Muslims. But the church is growing, and some Muslims are reacting with violence. Muslims who leave Islam to follow Jesus often have to go into hiding to escape persecution.
  • More Christians live on Tanzania’s mainland. “More than half of Tanzanians might be ‘Christian,’ but church attendance runs around eight percent,” report Operation World.

Pray for Christians in Tanzania.

Feature Story

China: Then and Now

In 1998, The Voice of the Martyrs published a story for children called “China: Christians Attend the ‘Bible School in the Air.” Read the story below.

Quietly and secretly, a messenger meets with one of the people seen as an “outlaw” by the government. During the day, these “outlaws” (Chinese Christians) may be fishermen, schoolteachers, fruit vendors, homemakers, or other kinds of workers. After taping the testimonies of these unnamed believers, the messenger slips the tape to a contact person who carries it out of the country at great risk. [Note: Audio recordings used to be commonly stored on cassette tapes.]

This is the story of Chinese Christians from unofficial house churches sharing their faith in Jesus with other Chinese people. After the taped testimony leaves China, The Voice of the Martyrs broadcasts it back into China from Hawaii. Every Saturday, Chinese listeners hear stories of how God is strengthening others who face the same struggles they face.

One Saturday, listeners heard the story of Pastor Allen Yuan and his wife, house church leaders in Beijing. Pastor Yuan was arrested in 1958 for refusing to let the communist government control his church’s activities. For 22 years, he worked in a prison labor camp under harsh conditions. Mrs. Yuan suffered great hardships raising their six children alone.

Since Pastor Yuan left prison in 1979, he and Mrs. Yuan have worked tirelessly to spread the gospel in China. Pastor Yuan says, “Thank God for the radio broadcasts from outside China through which many are saved and edified. We call it the ‘Bible school in the air.’ I really believe the world’s greatest revival will happen in China simply because there are so many people here.”

Pray for China’s unsaved to accept Jesus, for believers to stand firm, for China’s leaders to repent, and for the ‘Bible school in the air’ to help bring about the “world’s greatest revival” that Pastor Yuan longs for.

[Note: Pastor Yuan died in 2005 when he was more than 90 years old.]

Many more people in China have come to Christ since 1998. The majority of Chinese Christians worship in house churches that are not approved by the government. Officials in some regions leave the house churches alone. In other parts of China, police raid house churches, arrest Christians, and take away Bibles.

(See the story here about two raids on children’s programs.)

Today VOM provides Bibles, children’s Bible storybooks, Christian DVDs, and other materials to Christians in China. (Visit to learn about one project.) People in China can also get Christian materials off the Internet. Check the Visitor Map on this site to see if anyone from China is visiting today.

Spotlight Story

“No Prayer, No Power”


Stephen was born into a Christian family in Burma. “I was born again when I was 9,” he said. Stephen thought a lot about tribal people in his country who do not have Bibles in their own language.

Most people in Burma are Buddhists. Fewer than 10 percent are Christians. Stephen would like to see the numbers rise to 50 or 60 percent in his lifetime.

Stephen decided to go to Bible school to better learn how to share the gospel. School was difficult for Stephen because the classes were taught in English, and he did not speak English. But he asked God to help him, studied hard, and learned English.

Stephen said that he will not be satisfied until he has personally led 50,000 people to Christ! “There are people who are ready to receive Christ,” said Stephen. “We pray the Lord will use us to bring light into this dark country.”

But Stephen will need help. “We are strong in faith, and we need people who will pray for us faithfully….No prayer, no power.”

It is not always easy to share the gospel in Burma. “Even though we are persecuted, it is for the advance of the gospel,” Stephen said.

(Source: Brad Konemann, Youth Director, VOM Australia)

To Think About:
If God allows Stephen to preach for 50 years, how many people will he lead to Christ each year for 50,000 to follow Jesus? How many people each day?

Readers Talk to Us Story

Kids of Courage Survey Question #2: What is Islam?


Kids of Courage asked American children and youth, “What is Islam?” Read some of the answers below. (What would your answer be?)

What is Islam?

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Readers Talk to Us Story

Kids of Courage Survey Question #1: What is a Christian?


Kids of Courage asked American children and youth, “What is a Christian? What must someone do to become a Christian? Read the answers below and think about what your answer would be if someone who was not a Christian asked you the same questions. Share your answer with a mature Christian to see if he or she has any suggestions to improve your answer.

What is a Christian? What must someone do to become a Christian?

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