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100 Ways Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church in 2012: #1–10

  1. Design a church bulletin insert about persecution.
  2. Make bookmarks for friends to remind them to pray for suffering Christians.
  3. Write, record, and share a song about martyrs.
  4. Help someone subscribe to the free The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.
  5. Commit to praying for one persecuted Christian for 30 days.
  6. Start a group among your friends to learn about and pray for persecuted Christians.
  7. Act out a scene from a book about persecuted Christians and videotape it to share.
  8. Make a scrapbook of stories about persecuted Christians from VOM publications.
  9. Make a poster listing 100 Ways Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church from the January posts on this blog and display it at church.
  10. Set up an exhibit table about persecution at church.

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Ten Ways Kids Helped the Persecuted Church in 2011: #10. Good Grades for Bibles to Captive Nations

Arabic Bible
Arabic Bible

Adrian, Jason, Joshua, Keith, and Wynston are third and fourth grade boys at a Christian school in Minnesota. Every time the students got a good grade on a test, their teacher, Hannah S., put a dollar in a jar. “We raised the money to buy Bibles,” said Hannah. “I had a [VOM] flyer that told how five dollars bought one Bible for Christians in persecuted countries. The boys liked to figure out how many Bibles we could buy as the money in the jar added up.”

You can provide Bibles to restricted nations through the ‘Bibles to Captive Nations Fund’. The Bibles purchased by this fund are distributed through the underground church and/or Christian VOM contacts in all the persecuted countries where VOM works. You may specify a persecuted country where you wish to fund Bibles or mark your donation ‘where needed most’. You can donate to the ‘Bibles to Captive Nations Fund’ on-line at, call (800) 747-0085, or send your donation to VOM, P.O. Box 443, Bartlesville, OK. 74005.

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Ten Ways Kids Helped the Persecuted Church in 2011: #9. Speaking Out

Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi

Arielle, a 13-year-old girl in Wisconsin, helped VOM spread the word about Asia Bibi, a Christian in Pakistan. It is against the “blasphemy laws” in Pakistan to speak out against Islam, the founder of Islam, or the Muslim holy book. Asia was charged with blasphemy and was imprisoned after she stood up for Jesus in a discussion about religion with some Muslim women.

VOM provided an opportunity to sign a petition asking the government of Pakistan to release Asia so she could go home to her husband and children. Arielle wrote to VOM and said, “I thank you for the focus on Asia Bibi because it gave me the courage to write a speech and get up in front of my church and ask them to sign the petition. Normally I am very shy!”

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Ten Ways Kids Helped the Persecuted Church in 2011: #8. VBS Learns About Persecution and Raises Funds for Colombia


Crossroads Fellowship in Sebring, Florida held a Kids of Courage VBS during the summer of 2011. Kids up to the ninth grade participated. The students studied kids in Egypt, China, India, Nigeria, and North Korea in classrooms decorated with items representative of the countries. “We had pyramids in Egypt and a hut in North Korea,” said VBS director Rhonda L. “We had five kids accept Christ and many who said they wanted to be missionaries when they get older.”

The boys and girls had a contest to see who could collect the most money at VBS to sponsor a VOM mission project. They decided to help fund parachutes carrying Christian books to drop over Colombia.

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Ten Ways Kids Helped the Persecuted Church in 2011: #7. Learning Leadership and Mime

MimesChrist in Action mimes performing.

Thirteen youth from the Christ in Action mime group visited The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters for two weeks this year to volunteer at VOM’s Operations Center. The California group also ministered through mime at VOM devotions, performing powerful skits about Christian persecution.

The youth, ages 12 to 20, learn leadership and evangelism skills as well as sign language and mime, during their weekly six-hour training sessions. Every summer they take a six-week mission trip to evangelize through mime and to train other groups in the skills they have learned.