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Spotlight Story

Struggling and Rejoicing


The Voice of the Martyrs recently received a report about eight Christian families who live at a village in Laos. They raise chickens, pigs, fish, ducks, and water buffalo in the village. Their farms are a 3- to 4-hour walk from the village. So they stay at their farms, except on Thursdays and Sundays when they return home to worship God together at the village.

Most of the other people in the village are not Christians and they hate the Christians. When the Christian families are away working on their farm, villagers steal, kill, and eat their animals!

Some of the Christians would like to leave the village and live somewhere else, but they have nowhere to go. Even with all their struggles, they are strong in their faith and rejoice in the Lord. Please pray for them, and for their persecutors to notice their joy in the Lord and to seek Jesus.

Ask a VOM Worker Story

Ask a VOM Worker: Scary Driving


Question for a VOM worker who travels in Asia: What is the scariest situation you have been in while working for VOM?

Answer: I would have to say driving in Bangladesh! I know it’s not persecution-related, but it was just crazy. National Geographic says that the road between Bangladesh and India (there’s only one road) is the most dangerous in the world. It was pretty scary.

Spotlight Story

IDOP is November 13

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) is on Sunday, November 13. Ask your Sunday school teacher or pastor if your church plans to observe IDOP. Or help your family, class, or group plan to participate in a VOM project or to begin praying regularly for persecuted Christians.

You can find IDOP Lesson Plans for a Sunday school class or other group in the Downloads section of this site.

Readers Talk to Us Story

Missionary to America

Eleven-year-old Julia W. from Kentucky wrote the following to The Voice of the Martyrs.

“Dear VOM, I plan on being a missionary to China and India. However, I am not yet of age. So, at the moment I am a missionary to America. This country needs help, too. I am not afraid of people, for they can kill the body, but not my soul. And God is more powerful than the whole world put together. I will continue to pray for your work in other countries. May God richly bless you.”

Feature Story

A Long Bus Ride


A Hard Time for Christians
Gerard is a Christian worker in Algeria. In 2006, the government passed a new law that said churches must register with the government. But the authorities did not grant many churches registration, so churches that continued to meet were “illegal.” Then the government began closing down unregistered churches.

“The government is always going to come up with new laws,” said Gerard. “They are not believers, so they cannot understand the hope we have.”

The government gives individual Christians a hard time, too. Two years ago, a student in a secret Bible school was stopped at a checkpoint. When soldiers found Bible study materials in her bag, they arrested her.

“They Can’t Change Your Mind”
Gerard was also bothered by the police. He was riding on a bus when it was stopped by police at a checkpoint. After they searched his bag and found a Bible, they began to curse him. “This is my faith. This is what I believe,” Gerard told a policeman. The policeman spat on him.

Everyone on the bus saw what happened, so they found out that Gerard was a Christian. For the rest of the bus ride, they insulted him “All of them started to say bad things,” Gerard said. “I hoped that the long ride would finish soon.”

No one on the bus hurt Gerard, but he has been beaten for his faith before. Still, his trust in Christ remains strong. “Even if they arrest or beat me or something, they cannot come into my mind and change my mind,” he said.