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Learning About Islam


What do Muslims believe?
Are the God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran the same?
What is Shariah law?
How should we react to terrorism?
How can we witness to Muslims?
How do Christian beliefs about women differ from Muslim beliefs?
How are Christians treated in Muslim countries?

VOM offers Learning About Islam to help parents and teachers share the truth about Islam with students. The 60-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Readers Talk to Us Story

Prisoners Inspire Students

7th Graders
7th graders who prayed for Christian prisoners

Letters in two previous posts, “Georgia Reader Writes” and “Christians are Very Big Targets” were sent to The Voice of the Martyrs by Shelley K, a World History teacher at the Perimeter Christian School in Georgia.

Shelley wrote, “My students accessed your [PrisonerAlert] website as part of a weekly assignment for nine weeks….Even when our quarter ended and I allowed students to go back to doing their ‘normal’ current world events, over three-fourths of them have continued to do research and report from your website.”

The following comments are from Shelley’s students’ letters to VOM.

“Thank you for also telling us [on the website] who has been released, because it is exciting to know that God answers our prayers! Every week we have been picking one person’s story to look at and pray for in class. I enjoy doing this even though we cannot pronounce all their names….

“This year our grade has been studying Romans 12….The people in prison love the Lord, so they are presenting their bodies as a living sacrifice. God has a plan for their life. This plan may even be to go be with God in heaven. This may not be our plan for them, but it is God’s plan. God’s plan to take us is not the easiest thing for our family and friends, but it is again God’s plan.” — Abbey G.

“I am inspired by the people who undergo so much persecution to glorify God. I have found myself in prayer for a deeper spiritual life and a more eager spirit to stand up for Jesus.” — Claire P.

Read more of the Perimeter Christian School kids’ comments in the next post.

Spotlight Story

Ramadan Ends

Iraqi child at a Ramadan feast

This month, Muslims have been celebrating Ramadan, a month-long fast from food and drink during daylight hours. At the end of Ramadan, they celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, a three-day festival. This year Ramadan ends on about August 18. (The day varies slightly from place to place around the world.)

Schools and businesses close, and families eat lots of food, visit relatives, give gifts to children, and send greeting cards. Muslims in many countries greet each other by saying, “Eid Mubarak,” which means “blessed festival.”

One of the final nights of Ramadan is the “Night of Power.” Muslims may be more open to dreams, visions, and revelations on the Night of Power. Pray that Muslims who seek the truth during Ramadan will come to know Jesus who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

EnterRamadan” in the search box to find more facts and stories and a video clip about Ramadan.

Learn more about Islam from Learning About Islam, a 60-page spiral bound book for readers ages 8 and up, available at or for free download on this site.

Readers Talk to Us Story

Georgia Reader Writes


Dear VOM, I am a student at Perimeter Christian School, and every week we are assigned a current event that we choose from your [PrisonerAlert] website.

All the information…is very important to me because I was teased about being a Christian. So every time I go to your website, I think back to when I was teased, or about how I chose not to say the “Christian” part in “Perimeter Christian School.” [People on the website] always take the chance of being teased or being thrown in jail.

I went to Guatemala on a medical mission trip, and it changed my life. After that, I knew that was going to be my part time job. Spreading God’s love is what I like to do. Now I know why I was teased. It wasn’t to tear me down; it was to encourage me to become more than what [I would have been.]

The Voice of the Martyrs inspired me to talk to one of my friends who is an atheist about God, and it wasn’t easy. [People in other countries] preach on the streets to people they don’t even know.

Thank you. Love, Katie D. — Georgia seventh grader

Spotlight Story

Nigerian Family Requests Prayer

Children at the Stephen Centre

Godiya and Harun are students at the Stephen Centre in Nigeria. The Voice of the Martyrs in Nigeria started the Stephen Centre to help children whose parents die in Muslim attacks. The students live at the school during the school year. Godiya and Harun’s father died in July 2011.

The following report about Godiya and Harun’s mother came from a worker in Nigeria.

“On Thursday August 2, 2012, at 10:00 a.m., some gunmen came to the house of one of our widows. They asked about her husband. She told them that she had no husband, and that he had been killed by gunmen last year.

“Then they asked her for money, but she told them she had no money. So they searched her house and collected her property, including a mobile phone, photo album, etc. The gunmen told her to deny Christ and to remove her children from school.

“After the men left, she immediately moved to another area. And now she is helpless where she is. She really needs your prayers.”

Source: VOM contacts. Edited and paraphrased from original source for clarity.

Note: The worker believes that the gunmen were part of Boko Haram, a radical Muslim group in Nigeria that often attacks Christians.

Readers Talk to Us Story

Christians are “Very Big Targets”


The Voice of the Martyrs recently received the following letter.

Dear VOM, Thank you for helping me become more aware of the hardships that our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have been experiencing. Your organization has made me so much more thankful of the great life that I have been blessed with, and assured me that if someone would be willing to go through [hardships] for Christ then I should have faith and trust God.

I have learned that we don’t get special treatment for following Christ; actually, Christians are very big targets, but God put our faith to the test by throwing obstacles in our life like Job. I have also realized that I should stand up for what I believe even if it means getting made fun of. Thank you for standing up for Christ. You have made a huge impact in many lives, including mine. God bless, Josh M.