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Hungry North Koreans

North Korea

Kim Il Sung is a former leader of North Korea. After he died in 1994, his body was put on display in a case for citizens to visit. There are more than 30,000 statues of him in North Korea. People are expected to honor him as if her were a god. Christians who honor the one true God are persecuted.

Next year, 2012, is the 100-year anniversary of the dead leader’s birth. News reports say that some college students are required to spend time on building projects that will honor Kim during the birthday celebration.

Reports also say that many people in North Korea are starving because of food shortages. Pray that the students working on construction projects and other North Koreans will have enough food, and that everyone in North Korea will learn about Jesus.

Read Online: The 3rd Quarter Kids of Courage newsletter featured North Korea. You can read it and past issues of KOC at

Spotlight Story

Vacation Bible School Faces Challenges

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VOM received a report about a VBS for children, held in the West Bank. An organizer of the VBS wrote:

“In June we announced that we are going to be reaching out to the kids in the community from ages 5-12. We were asked what kind of outreaches, and we explained Bible stories, Bibles songs, games etc. We were warned that this is something not accepted in the neighborhood especially by the Muslim neighbors around the Outreach Center….

On day two my tires were flattened, day three our flowers and plants in the front entrance were ripped out of the ground and stepped on, day four more vandalism, and day five tires were slashed. But here is the bright side, in the 4 classes we had more than 78 kids come and more than 25 kids from different religions received Christ as their Father, a new outreach began which will now be held on every Friday the largest day of prayer for the Muslims, and lives will be changed forever.”

Spotlight Story

President Yudhoyono


The president of Indonesia is Susilo Bambung Yudhoyono. He was born on September 9, 1949, and he has been in office since 2004. One of his hobbies is writing love songs.

Indonesia has more Muslims than any country in the world. Radical Muslims have attacked churches and Christians in parts of Indonesia. When Muslims persecute Christians or treat them unfairly, the government sometimes fails to protect Christians and their property.

On President Yudhoyono’s birthday, pray for him and his country. Pray he will be able to use his power to help Christians get fair treatment in Indonesia.

Read 1 Timothy 2:1–4.

Spotlight Story

What if it Were Your Family?

A friend from a ministry that works with VOM shared the following thoughts.

“We received a letter from the leader of a young boy’s class that was very encouraging! The boys have purchased Bibles to send to Iran. One boy in the group has relatives in Iran who are not Christians. He bought several Bibles, hoping that one of them would reach his loved ones.“What a lesson for us! How much would we desire the Word of God to penetrate a country if our loved ones lived there? Each time a Bible is sent, it does reach a family. Each soul is precious!

“Please join us in praying that a Bible will indeed reach this boy’s family in Iran. We ask that many will be saved.”

Note: VOM’s Bibles to Captive Nations and Bibles Unbound projects provide Bibles to countries where Bibles are illegal or hard to get.

Ask a VOM Worker Story

Ask a VOM Worker: Strength to Overcome


VOM student intern Kelly C. interviewed a VOM worker who has traveled to 51 countries. Read her question and his answer below.

Q: What if someone said to you, “I don’t think I could do what persecuted Christians do. I’m not strong enough.” What would you tell them?

A: I don’t think I could do what they do either. One of the questions I ask when I talk to a persecuted Christian is: “How did you prepare yourself? What did you do to get ready for this?” There are some obvious answers, such as being a person who prays and reads the Bible. Those are good preparations, but the reality is that when God puts you in a situation, he will give you the strength to endure and overcome.

Persecuted Christians are people of faith who walk with God and pray and have problems and challenges just like we do. I don’t think they want to be seen as heroes, as some kind of high-level Christians who are on a level we could never reach. They are people who serve God, and we should be that kind of people, too.

To Discuss: What difficult situations has God given you or someone in your family strength to endure?