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Typewriters and Prisoner Alert


Almost 150 years ago on June 23, 1868, an inventor, Christopher Sholes, received a U.S. patent for his manual typewriter. A typewriter is a machine that prints symbols on paper as the typist types them. A manual typewriter is one that does not need electricity to operate.

Things you can do with a manual typewriter that you can’t do with a computer:

  • You will never get a virus on your machine.
  • You can print as you type.
  • You will never need wifi, electricity, or a mouse to operate.
  • You can make an exclamation point by typing an apostrophe, back spacing, then typing a period below the apostrophe.

Things you can do with a computer that you can’t do with a typewriter:

  • William Carey (born 1761; died 1834) was a missionary to India. He spent years translating scriptures into other languages. The work was very difficult. In 1812, a fire destroyed the building where his work was stored. “In one night the labors of years are consumed,” he wrote. Bible translators today can store their work on computers in various locations. A fire would not destroy all their work.
  • You can connect to websites. And on the website, you can translate a Christian phrase into another language to send a message to a Christian who is prison for their Christian activities. You can write a letter to any of the prisoners on the site using the simple online writing process.

Activities Story

Toothpick Holder Prayer Reminder

Toothpick Holder Prayer Reminder

Natalie L., a 15-year-old volunteer from Dover, Delaware, recently visited The Voice of the Martyrs with other visiting volunteers. Natalie and other volunteers made toothpick prayer reminders and shared the assembly instructions with VOM.

Main Materials

  • Straight-sided plastic pill bottle or spice bottle. Spice bottles with flip tops or holes in the top are especially good.
  • Small photo of persecuted Christians from VOM publications or printed from this site.
  • Craft glue or clear contact paper.


  • Cut a photo to fit around the bottle. To make it thicker, you may want to glue the photo to colored paper before attaching it to the bottle.
  • Glue the photo to the bottle.
  • Cover with craft glue or contact paper.
  • Decorate the bottle with yarn or ribbon if desired.
  • Fill with toothpicks and shake out as needed. (If the bottle has no holes in the top, poke a hole in the top, or just open the bottle and shake out a toothpick.)
  • Keep the bottle on the table where you eat as a mealtime prayer reminder.

Spotlight Story


Mary and her new leg

Mary is an eight-year-old Nigerian Christian. She and others are under threat of violence and death by the muslim terrorist group Boko Haram, which attacks Christians and others who don’t agree with the group. One day Boko Haram members came to the town where Mary lived with her Christian family. They attacked many people, including Mary.

Because of injuries to her leg that she suffered in the attack, Mary had to have her leg amputated at the hospital. The Voice of the Martyrs operates a prosthetics clinic in Nigeria to help people like Mary. They fashioned a prosthetic leg for her, enabling Mary to walk once again.

Please pray for Mary and the dozens of other Christians who have come to the clinic for help.

Spotlight Story

Encourage Others to Pray

Do you encourage others to pray for persecuted Christians?

If you would like to share information from this site with others, ask an adult to use the “Share” link at the bottom of every post. You will be directed to a page with Facebook or Twitter sharing links. From there you can let others know about Christians around the world who need prayer.

Spotlight Story

Vani in Jail

Vani and her daughter pray together after her recent release from prison.

Vani is a 30-year-old widow in India. She has a 7-year-old daughter. Most people in India are Hindus, but Vani and her daughter are Christians.

In early February, Vani talked about Jesus with a teenaged girl in her town. The girl’s parents were angry, and they reported Vani to the police, falsely claiming Vani had kidnapped their daughter and forced her to become a Christian.

Because of the parents’ false report, Vani spent 15 days in jail. Vani shared the gospel with more than 70 women in jail with her, 14 of whom then began to trust in Jesus as their Savior. The jailer saw a difference in the new Christians and encouraged Vani to continue praying for and sharing the gospel with the other women.

“It sounds like she did more damage to the kingdom of darkness while in prison than she did while free,” said a VOM worker.

Vani has since been released, but she is still interested in prison ministry.

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