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Resources for Kids of Courage

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Kids of Courage resources help parents and educators teach children ages 5 to 13 about persecuted Christians around the world, and provide opportunities for the children to serve and pray for them.



Torchlighters: The William Booth Story DVD

By The Torchlighters

(30 minutes, plus extras)

Pub owners and their hired thugs were ready for William Booth and his ragtag Salvation Army followers when they came marching into London’s East End. With clubs and rocks, the thugs were set to chase this preacher out of town once and for all. But William and his “Salvation Army” were not so easily dissuaded. Armed only with Bibles, musical instruments and their unflinching faith in God, they marched in to face their most dangerous opponents so far.

Note: 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Salvation Army.


  • English and Spanish languages with optional English subtitles
  • 44-minute documentary, abridged from the program Our People: The Story of William and Catherine Booth
  • Comprehensive leader’s guide with lesson plans and background information
  • Reproducible student handouts, including discussion questions, puzzles, activities, and coloring pages

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What other Kids of Courage resources are available?

Torchlighters DVDs
Children learn about real-life Christian heroes who withstood persecution. Each DVD includes and animated 30-minute feature, a full-length documentary, and English and Spanish tracks. Topics include Richard Wurmbrand, John Bunyan, Jim Elliot, William Tyndale, Gladys Aylward, Eric Liddell, Perpetua, William Booth, Amy Carmichael, Samuel Morris, Augustine and Corrie ten Boom. You can see short clips of selected Torchlighters DVDs in the video section of this site. For more information about the DVDs, visit
Hardcover Picture Books
Book Book Book Book Book Book Book Book Book
Stories with colorful illustrations introduce children to the lives of noted Christians who have inspired believers throughout the years.

Titles include:

Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma by Janet and Geoff Benge
America’s first missionary overseas persevered through intense obstacles to spread the gospel among the Burmese people. (Paperback, 232 pages)
Bold Believers Activity Books
Bold Believers activity books include activity books with 40+ pages of stories, color photos, activities, and cultural information about one topic or country. The books are available to download for free on this site. Registration is required to download the activity books. A sample activity book is available for a free download without registration.
Learning About Islam
Learning About Islam helps parents and teachers share the truth about Islam from a Christian perspective with students age 8 and up. The book is available as a free download on this site.
Kids of Courage Newsletters
The Kids of Courage quarterly newsletter was printed from 1996 to 2011. It is no longer published. Selected past issues are available in the Downloads section of this site.
Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church lesson plans for several years are available for free in the Downloads section of this site. The lesson plans are appropriate for Sunday school or other group lessons at any time of the year.

The VOM Bookstore features other resources for families and children.