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Laos: Miss Mai

A girl in Laos
(image edited for clarity)

Miss Mai was sad. Her parents wanted her to leave their home in Laos and move to Thailand. They were very poor, and they hoped she would earn lots of money and sent it to them so they could build a better house and buy nicer things.

Miss Mai was 16 years old and not ready to leave home. She had two years left in school, and she enjoyed going to church and teaching the little children at Sunday school.

The six people in Miss Mai’s family had all heard about Jesus. But only Miss Mai had trusted in Him as her Savior.

Her parents tried to get her to quit going to church. They stopped giving her money for food. And they would not buy her shoes, books, or pens for school.

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A Story of St. Nicholas

Story of St. Nicholas

The character of Santa Claus was based on a real man name Nicholas. But Nicholas did not wear a red suit and fly with reindeer. Read one of the stories told about Nicholas below.

Ever since Nicholas was a boy, he had a love for God’s Word. So one day, he decided to make a trip to the Holy Land and visit the places he had read about. He visited Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and even prayed in the empty tomb where He rose from the dead. “Jesus was truly Emmanuel, God with us. My life will never be the same!” Nicholas declared.

Soon it was time for Nicholas to leave and return to his homeland. He boarded the ship, and he and the crew began the long voyage [home]. One night the winds began to blow and the waves began to rage, rousing Nicholas from his deep sleep. “I don’t think we’re going to make it to shore safely!” warned the captain.

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The following report comes from two VOM workers who recently visited and encouraged pastors in Mindanao, an island in the Philippines that is not always safe for Christians.

The Workers’ Report
A few weeks ago, we taught at two pastors’ conferences in Mindanao. After one of the meetings, a pastor asked if he could have a copy of our teaching notes.

“Yes,” we said. “We will email you a copy.” The pastor had no idea what we were talking about.

“We can send you these notes on a computer. How many pastors do you think have the Internet and a computer?” we asked.

“I think not that many,” he said. He took out his simple cell phone; not a smartphone. “This is my only gadget!” the pastor said. “Do you want to know how I got it? My sister owns a gas station. One day she had a customer who didn’t have the money to pay for his gas, so he offered his cell phone as payment. My sister gave it to me!”

The pastor was excited about his phone; it helped him in his ministry. “I can call other pastor with it, and they can call me,” he said. And I can call my church when I’m away from them.”

The pastor was happy because he had one gadget that he could use to help him in his service to God. We realized that sometimes we use our many gadgets in ways that distract us from our work for the Lord.

Our faith can be attacked by persecution or by distraction.

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Arkansas Youth Volunteer at VOM

Volunteers at VOM
Volunteers at VOM

Wesley P., a 15-year-old VOM volunteer reporter, interviewed a Vilonia, Arkansas youth group that recently volunteered at VOM headquarters. His report about the group is below.

Wesley’s Report
The group has an age range of 13 to 18 years old. For some it was their first time volunteering at VOM. Others have been several times. Those who had volunteered before spoke of how they realized at VOM how much persecution there is in the world.

During their time at VOM, the group had packed VOM newsletters, some of which would go to their own homes. Their hearts were touched by the stories of bold believers.

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A Tale of Two Brothers

Pastor Wurmbrand in prison

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian pastor who spent 14 years in prison for his Christian activities. After he got out of prison, he and his wife, Sabina, started The Voice of the Martyrs.

In prison, Pastor Wurmbrand continued to tell people about Jesus. He told the following story to some of the inmates.

Pastor Wurmbrand’s Story
A long time ago there were two brothers. The older brother was good. The younger brother was rebellious, and he and his friends were part of a bad gang.

The older brother prayed for the younger brother, and he often begged him to change his ways. But the younger brother paid no attention.

One night the older brother sat in his room reading. The younger brother burst into his room. “Help me!” said the younger brother. “The police are after me! There has been a big fight and I have committed a crime!” There was blood and dirt all over the younger brother’s clothes.

“I will save you!” said the older brother. “Let’s change clothes.” The older brother put on the dirty, blood-stained clothes and gave his brother his own clean, white shirt and pants.

The brothers had just finished changing clothes when the police arrived. They had chased the younger brother from the fight and finally caught up with him. But as soon as they saw the older brother in dirty clothes, they arrested him, believing he was the criminal.

The police took the innocent brother in dirty clothes before a judge. He told the judge, “I take responsibility for the crime.” The judge had all the evidence he needed: the police report, the bloodstained clothes, and a confession. He sentenced the older brother to prison for life, and asked if he had anything to say.

“Yes,” said the innocent brother. “Please give my brother this letter.”

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