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More Can Lid Christmas Crafts

Can Lid Christmas Crafts

The previous post describes a “Christmas tree” decorated with photos of persecuted Christians glued to frozen juice can lids. VOM volunteers also made prayer reminder tree ornaments out of can lids. (See the photo.)

The volunteers provided the following instructions.

  1. Cut photos photocopied from VOM publications or websites to fit lids from frozen juice cans. Glue them on with glue or decoupage medium.
  2. With adult help, punch a hole near the top of the lids.
  3. Decorate with yarn, beads, or other items.
  4. Thread a piece of yarn or ribbon through the hole so the ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree.

Can Lid Christmas Crafts

Can Lid Christmas Crafts

Volunteers at The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters recently made Christmas crafts using can lids from frozen juice containers and photos from VOM publications and websites. A volunteer glued photos to can lids and glued the lids to a felt “Christmas tree” background. Decorations and a hanger were added. (See the photo.)

Can you design a prayer reminder Christmas tree that will remind you to pray for persecuted Christians at Christmastime?

Read the next post to learn about another can lid Christmas craft.

Pakistan: Escape from a Snake


Rebekha was angry. Her teacher expected her to sit by a new girl in her ninth grade class in Pakistan. The new girl was a Christian, and Rebekha hated Christians! She chose to sit on the floor rather than sit by Mary, the new girl.

Rebekha then had to miss school because she was sick. She needed help studying for a test. None of the other Muslim girls would help her study. Mary offered to help, and Rebekha began to like Christians a little more.

A Bad Attitude
Some Christians started a sewing class in Rebekha’s village, and Mary invited Rebekha to attend. Rebekha went to the class, but she sat separately from the Christian girls. She still did not like Christians very well.

The Christian girls were sad about Rebekha’s attitude. They spent much time in prayer for her.

Rebekha realized that she could find nothing wrong with the Christian girls. After two months, she asked Mary for a Bible. Mary happily gave her one. Mary asked God to help Rebekha understand the Bible and follow Christ.

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“News Broadcast”: Never Alone

Use the following script to audio tape a “radio broadcast” or videotape a “TV broadcast” about Christians in North Korea.

(Note: Find persecution-related skits and plays in the Downloads section.)

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Prayer Notebook

Prayer Notebook

A volunteer at The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters recently made a prayer notebook using photos from VOM publications and resources.

To make your own prayer notebook, attach photocopies of pictures from this website or from the VOM newsletter to decorate the front and back of a spiral notebook. Add pictures and information inside the notebook to guide your prayers for persecuted Christians around the world.

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