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Vietnam: New Roommates


Download a Vietnam coloring page, a flag, and a map to color.

The previous post told about some of the ways non-Christians in Vietnam try to discourage Christians from spreading the gospel. The following report from VOM Australia tells how policemen found new ways to disturb Binh and Uriah, a Vietnamese couple.

Binh and Uriah witnessed for Christ in their community and many local villagers were saved. Then a new trial was imposed on the family. Three policemen arrived at their door, saying they were going to live with them, right in their house! The police had orders not to leave until the family stopped their Christian activities.

Binh and Uriah were stunned. But the policemen told them, “We are in no hurry to go home.” The police warned everyone in the community not to talk to Binh and Uriah.

The couple’s children said to the policemen, “Why are you doing this? Our parents have done nothing wrong and we will still keep on our path.”

A policeman answered, “If you were 18 years old we would be within our rights to beat you, so be glad you are still small.”

Binh had a Bible and a hymnbook hidden, and the police have not found them. The family takes any opportunities they can to read the Bible and silently worship the Lord without the police finding out.

Other believers also have police in their homes trying to force them to deny Christ.

(Source: VOM Australia)

To Think About
If you were part of Binh and Uriah’s family, what are five things you would like Christians in other countries to pray on your behalf? Will you pray about those things this week?

Braille Verse

Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809, and he died on January 6, 1852. He invented a system of reading and writing for the blind that is still in use today.

The symbols below represent the pattern of raised dots used to form Braille letters.

Braille Guide

Use the chart to “decode” the Bible verse from Luke 6:17.

Braille Puzzle

Iran Puzzle

December 21st is sometimes observed as the anniversary of the first crossword puzzle. On that date, a New York newspaper published a “word-cross” puzzle. The puzzle creator borrowed ideas from earlier forms of puzzles, including the word square.

In a word square puzzle, the words read the same vertically (up and down) and horizontally (across). Read the information below about Iran. Then use the clues and a Bible to help you complete the puzzle.

Iran is part of the continent of Asia. Tehran is its capital. The country is near Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Most of the people are Muslims, but many are coming to Christ. Muslims who become Christians are sometimes persecuted by friends, relatives, teachers, and officials.


Across and Down Clues

  1. Tehran is the capital of _____.
  2. Jesus told his disciples that He would _____ from the dead (Mark 9:31).
  3. Iran is part of the continent of _____.
  4. Iran is _____ Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Word Square Answers

  1. Iran, rise, Asia, near.

More Can Lid Christmas Crafts

Can Lid Christmas Crafts

The previous post describes a “Christmas tree” decorated with photos of persecuted Christians glued to frozen juice can lids. VOM volunteers also made prayer reminder tree ornaments out of can lids. (See the photo.)

The volunteers provided the following instructions.

  1. Cut photos photocopied from VOM publications or websites to fit lids from frozen juice cans. Glue them on with glue or decoupage medium.
  2. With adult help, punch a hole near the top of the lids.
  3. Decorate with yarn, beads, or other items.
  4. Thread a piece of yarn or ribbon through the hole so the ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree.

Can Lid Christmas Crafts

Can Lid Christmas Crafts

Volunteers at The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters recently made Christmas crafts using can lids from frozen juice containers and photos from VOM publications and websites. A volunteer glued photos to can lids and glued the lids to a felt “Christmas tree” background. Decorations and a hanger were added. (See the photo.)

Can you design a prayer reminder Christmas tree that will remind you to pray for persecuted Christians at Christmastime?

Read the next post to learn about another can lid Christmas craft.

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