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Kids Pack and Pray for Family Med Packs

Does your church include kids in remembering persecuted Christians?

Georgia Kids Pray
Cindy Clark, Christen Flowers, and their children’s ministry team in Georgia recently packed 25 Family Med Packs for Christians who have been driven from their homes by Islamic extremists.

“On Sunday, we gathered all our children, ages 4-11, to the front of our sanctuary to hold our Family Med Packs then lead our congregation in praying for the families who will be receiving them,” Cindy emailed VOM.  “What a blessed time of prayer we had for these families!  It blessed us beyond words to be able to be a part of this opportunity to love our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted for Jesus’ name sake….

“Thank you to everyone at The Voice of the Martyrs for showing us how we can partner with you in loving our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are being persecuted for bearing our Lord Jesus’ name. They are always on my heart and in my prayers.”

Oklahoma Kids Assemble Packs
A church in Oklahoma recently packed Family Med Packs during their children’s program. Items for the packs were lined up in separate containers on a table. The children took one item out of each container and added it to their pack. They presented their packs to VOM, then each child decorated a “prayer box” to take home. Children’s workers and parents helped them write prayer points on small pieces of paper to go in the boxes as reminders of how to pray for persecuted Christians every day.

Learn how to sponsor or pack Family Med Packs, Action Packs, and Outreach Packs here 

On the Run

Rachel and Miriam and their parents

The story below is from Stef  the children’s website of SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands.

Rachel and Miriam live in a refugee camp. They used to live in Mosul, a city in Iraq. They enjoyed living there until men from a group called ISIS took power. These men want everyone to be Muslim.

ISIS attacks Christians and churches, including the church that Rachel and Miriam attended. Their mother, Sarah, was present in the church at the moment of the attack. The men started shooting and a lot of people died. Others were injured.

Rachel and Miriam’s mom survived the attack, but it was no longer safe to stay in Mosul. The girls and their parents had to flee. They packed what they could and left in a hurry. They moved to a school auditorium in a safer city with 74 other people.

Sarah struggles a lot with the situation. She says, “Every night I cry myself to sleep. I have a lot of dreams about what happened. I just can’t forget.”

In their corner of the auditorium, Rachel and Miriam’s parents made a paper cross and put it on the wall. They continue to trust God.

Pray for Rachel and Miriam and their parents, and for other Christians who have to flee danger.

(Source: Stef. Translated and edited from the original.)

Tired of Violence


Christian workers in the Middle East tell VOM that even radical Muslims are turning from Islam and giving their lives to Christ! Read below about how one of them learned more about Jesus.

A Christian taxi driver worked in Lebanon near the border with Syria. One day, he picked up a passenger who had a big beard. The beard looked like the beards worn by men in radical Muslim groups. The bearded man said to the driver, “Take me to the airport. I am flying home to Saudi Arabia. But on the way, I want to find a Bible. Can you find me a Bible?”

The driver found him a Bible, then asked him, “Sir, why did you want a Bible?”

The man answered, “I am a teacher of Islam. I have been in Syria teaching ISIS fighters. But I am sick of the violence. There must be something better than this.” [Islam is the religion of Muslims. ISIS is a group of radical Muslim fighters.]

(Source: Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

To Talk About
•    Why did the Muslim want a Bible?
•    A quote from “If you are praying for ISIS fighters to come to Christ, God is answering your prayer. If you are not praying for that, you should be.” Why should Christians pray for radical Muslims?

A Christian who ministers among Syrians shares the good news of Jesus using an interesting wristband. Watch a video clip to hear him explaining the symbols on the wristband in Arabic, the main language of Syria.

Mexico: “I’m God’s Child”

Will you pray for a girl in Mexico?

Her parents belong to a group called the Zapatistas. The group does not support the government of Mexico. Sometimes they break the law to get things they want. And sometimes they kick Christian families out of their villages.

Even though her parents are Zapatistas, the girl is a Christian. Children in her community would point at her and say, “You’re a Zapatista!” She would answer, “No! I’m God’s child.”

Every Saturday night, the girl asked to spend the night with her grandparents in another village. Her grandparents are Christians. On Sundays the girl and her grandparents walked the long way to church over a mountain to avoid the eyes of Zapatista spies.

But the girl’s parents found out that she had been going to church, and now they refuse to let her go. Pray that she will remain strong in her faith.

Danger from Robbers

Thirteen-year-old Amber lives in a country where most of the people are Muslims. He works hard helping his dad sweep in the market, cleaning and cooking for his siblings at home, and studying the Bible at church.

Amber would like to tell everyone about Jesus, his Savior, but he thought he couldn’t, because he had to quit school when his mom died. Amber’s friend, Pastor Faisal, reminded him that God can use anybody.

Now Amber serves God with a team that delivers Bibles to Christians who otherwise would not have one. When he first joined the team, he did not know how brave he would have to be.

On a recent trip, Amber helped hand out more than 700 Bibles from The Voice of the Martyrs to people who never had a Bible before. The people were so happy to have their own copies of God’s Word that they cried with joy as they thanked Amber and his friends.

After Amber’s team had finished, they were exhausted and ready to get home so they could rest. The men took a shortcut to save time. The road became very bumpy and made their old van bounce a lot, so the driver slowed down. He thought that would help with the bumpiness.

But when he slowed down, six men with guns surrounded them and demanded they hand over their valuables. The men were a band of professional robbers. Amber and his friends gave the robbers all their money and their phones.

“Give us more!” The robbers demanded.

All they had left were the Bibles.

Amber bravely faced the robbers. Even though the men could have killed him, Amber trusted God to  take care of him and his friends. “We have Bibles,” he said and offered them one. “Take a Bible.” The robbers threw the Bible down and yelled mean things at Amber.

God protected the team, and miraculously, the robbers decided to let them all go. Although Amber might think he’s not important, God is using him in a special way to encourage Christians to be courageous followers who trust Jesus no matter what dangers they face.

J.G. Spires, who wrote this story, was a summer college intern at The Voice of the Martyrs

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